Fitbit Versa: Something That In Fact Could Give Apple A Run For Its Money

I’ve been a huge fan of Fitbit for a while now. Last year, I purchased the Charge 2 and instantly fell in love with it. As a runner, it served as a stopwatch and a method to keep track of how far I was going. Additionally, it also was a great way to mark my progress. When I first started using it, I was able to clock about two miles in a 30 minute workout. Overtime, I graduated to being able to run for over 2.3 miles. Well, this was before I hurt my knee, but I digress.

Fitbit Charge 2

But, what’s cool about the Fitbit is that it’s not only meant for workouts. It’s meant for everyday use. You wear it and it tracks your walk to the car to the office, your grocery shopping trip, and even just your walk with your dog. And, every step gets added in to your step count.

After a year of wearing the Charge 2, I wanted (no craved) a smartwatch. I wanted more notifications from my apps then just texts and calls. As an Apple fan, the choice was obvious. This time, I’ll get an Apple Watch. That way, I can answer phone calls and text messages. That way, I can be notified whenever I get a Snapchat, Email, and Instagram like.

I was sold. Until I realized something — I would lose my Fitbit information. And, let’s add the fact that the Apple Watch Series One is $250.

However, there was a toss up between another product — the Fitbit Versa. The Versa even looked like the Apple watch with a rectangular face. What was unique about this Fitbit is that you can get notifications from all apps in addition to your calls and texts.

So, I decided to buy it.

It’s been a few weeks now, but I really like it. You can download apps onto the watch, and it even has Fitbit coach, which has guided workouts. However, it is a paid service — which is why I have not tried it. One downside to the app store is that there isn’t really a lot of apps. I’m homing that changes overtime and as Fitbit grows.


What’s really cool about the watch is that there are so many unique watch faces. I have the floral one (seen here) and absolutely love it. I have yet to explore the others, but I have a feeling that that’s one of my favorites.

Another cool feature that I love is the fact I can manage my cycles. I only have one logged, but it’s promised to show trends and other information. However, otherwise, it’s similar to the other app I have, P Tracker. And, so far, I haven’t really found a different.

However, what I really love, is the upgrades to the workout functions of the watch. On the Charge 2, you couldn’t pause a workout. This was annoying in the event that you received a phone call that you needed to take during your workout. However, now you can.

Furthermore, the watch has an amazing battery life. Fitbit promises customers that the watch has a four plus day battery life. And, they deliver. I’ve maybe charged the watch a handful of times since getting it. Therefore, I highly recommend it.

With that being said, there are a few drawbacks to the watch. For instance, it’s nearly impossible to change the band. I change my band once a week. I did decided to tweet Fitbit, and they sent me this article. Between that, and watching the video, I was finally able to get the band off. Keep in mind, this did take 20 minutes.

The Versa that I got was the special edition in Charcoal. This one came with an extra band (a black one) and Fitbit Pay. I have no idea on how to use that, so we’ll stay tuned.

Box of my Fitbit Versa

The bottom line? If you’re looking for a Smartwatch and already own a Fitbit, then you should try this out. However, even if you’re not #TeamFitbit, you should still give this watch a try. It doesn’t have the deep phone integration that the Apple Watch has. But, it can stand up to it just fine if you ask me.

*See Disclaimer Here

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