Visiting The Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze

Lyman Orchards (you can read my post about when I visited there last year) for me is my go-to for all things apple cider donut related, I’m not going to lie. This year, I have been craving the opportunity to go to a sunflower maze. I have been drawn to a sunflower/farm maze for aContinue reading “Visiting The Lyman Orchards Sunflower Maze”

Eating and Shopping My Way Around CT: Lyman Orchard in Middlefield

Every fall for the past couple years, I’ve found my way at Lyman Orchards. It is about a 30 minutes drive from my home, and it is so worth it. The reason why this is both a eating and a shopping post is because I feel like this crosses both boxes. You can pick apples,Continue reading “Eating and Shopping My Way Around CT: Lyman Orchard in Middlefield”