Eating My Way Around CT: The Hop Knot

Picture it: a restaurant that has nothing but pretzels. And, this place has all kinds of pretzels — s’mores pretzels, pretzel sandwiches, and flavored pretzels with dipping sauces. As a pretzel lover, this is my idea of heaven. Thanks to the Hop Knot, that place is now heaven on earth. Recently, the Hop Knot movedContinue reading “Eating My Way Around CT: The Hop Knot”

What I Love Wednesday: Purses and Cupcakes

Happy Hump Day everyone! Today’s post is being written from my couch, as I am on bed rest until tomorrow due to a sprained knee. I am currently catching up on a lot of TV, and wanted to catch you all up on what I am loving this week. Longchamp Le Pliage bags These areContinue reading “What I Love Wednesday: Purses and Cupcakes”