Bagel Boutique Inspires Customers to ‘Spread the Love’

Bagels, sandwiches, and coffee equal the perfect Saturday morning breakfast. Those items are also the main events at Bagel Boutique in Stratford, which offers a boutique-like bagel experience.

Bagel Boutique is located just over the Milford border, right where the Danny’s used to be. With it’s simple and minimal decor such as lights and a neon sign that says spread the love, there is nothing but good vibes here something that their menu reflects. Food can be taken to-go, or eaten outside on their tables.

As mentioned earlier, Bagel Boutique has an extensive menu of bagels, sandwiches, and toast, which makes it the ultimate spot for the breakfast that hits the spot. The variety of bagels is quite extensive, with the classic flavors, such as plain, everything, and cinnamon raisin. However, it extends much further than that. They have some pretty unique and delicious flavors, such as marble rye, and blueberry. Furthermore, they also offer a huge variety of cream cheeses as well. For example, they offered Peeps cream cheese to celebrate Easter. Don’t worry if that’s not your jam. They do offer regular cream cheese as well. Their bagels are delicious. I had one of their everything bagels, and it was so fresh.

Additionally, Bagel Boutique has many different types of toast to choose from, whether you prefer sweet or savory. Some of the options include the classic avocado toast, hazelnut banana, “hotlanta” (grilled peach compote, whipped ricotta, crumbled candied pecans and fresh basil drizzled with hot honey), and the limited time hummus toast. In addition to toast, Bagel Boutique has a huge selection of sandwiches on the menu as well.

Of course, we can not forget coffee. They offer hot and iced, which you can get with dairy and non-dairy options. With the coffee, they also have flavor blasts to add a touch of flavor in your cup as well.

Overall, Bagel Boutique offers a unique breakfast experience that is just simply delicious. After all, there is no better joy in life than biting into a bagel on a lazy Saturday morning, and Bagel Boutique allows you that. However, get there early to avoid your favorite flavor selling out.

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