Bridgeport’s Meritt Canteen: As Seen on TV, Delicious In Person

When Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives makes a stop at a local Connecticut join, you know it’s going to be good. Meritt Canteen, located in Bridgeport, was on season 11 of the show, where Guy showcased the famous hotdogs, hamburgers, and seafood.

Meritt Canteen has been a Bridgeport staple since 1942, and has a menu that is so freshly cooked that you can tell from that very first bite. The vibe is casual, and it’s perfect for when you just need to grab something quick to eat. It’s fast food — but better and fresh.

Of course, they are famous for their hotdogs, burgers and seafood. However, their menu also offers other specialities such as the Red Hot Dog, the Chili Dog (with a warning that it is extremely hot with no refunds), fried Mac and Cheese bites, and deep fried Oreos. You can view the complete menu here.

I took a trip down there a few days ago, and I can not begin to describe how impressed I am with the quality of the food. The hamburger I had was so fresh from the bun to the quality of the meat. I also played happy fork with my fiancé’s chicken tenders, and let me tell you that not only did the chicken taste like it was freshly out of the oven, but the honey mustard did too. After all, you know it’s saying something when even the sauces taste delicious. Of course, we also got a side of French fries, which were delicious as well


I will say that the portions were also extremely generous as well, which is something that I always look for whenever I am grabbing anything to eat. Furthermore, I also wanted to point out that when they brought the food over to us, they also bought us a ketchup bottle as well, which I thought was a nice touch.

Guy gave Meritt Canteen three out of five stars, however, I think that they are a five out of five for me. This is the place to go if you just want a juicy, delicious burger and a side of French fries. And, therefore, it is definitely worth all of the hype.

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