5 Last Minute Gift Ideas That Can Be Purchased At Your Next Target Run

Can you believe that we have less than two weeks until we finally reach Christmas? I know. I can’t either. I have a few names on my list that I have yet to cross off, and I know that there are so many procrastinators out there like myself. So, here are some last minute gift ideas that definitely don’t show that you waited until the last minute to get them. The beauty of this list is that many of these items can be purchased at Target. And, I’ll keep your secret as well.

1. Gift cards: Gift cards are the best to give people, because they are not only the easiest gift to get everyone on your list, but also a gift that shows you listen to, whether it may mean that you listen to where that person shops, where they get their coffee, or nails done. And, if you do a gift card on something like Target, you can definitely help out with the every increasing grocery bill as well. It is a win win.

2. Candy/coffee: If you know the person’s favorite candy or coffee, why not get them some and put it in a cute mug? It’s easy, and if you wrap it up well, it looks so thought out.

3. A good pair of slippers: Many people opt to give PJs for Christmas, however, I think slippers are something that everyone should have, especially in the winter time. Slippers run all over the range of prices too, and there is no better gift than the gift of comfort.

4. Candles: This applies to someone who actually burns candles. If they are like me and have a dog that will knock that over, please skip to item number five. There are so many fun seasonal candles out there, and candles can be so expensive. However, if they love candles, this will be a gift they are jumping up and down in excitement for.

5. Ornaments: If they just bought a new home, got engaged, pregnant, or even just like cats, why not buy an ornament for their tree? So many of my favorite ornaments were simply just gives from various friends and family members.

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