Lululemon Fleece Belt Bag

Lululemon has been killing it with their latest drops as of late. My wallet has been suffering the consequences of that to be honest. That said, I wanted to share something that I’ve picked up as of late — the fleece belt bag.

The fleece bag is perfect for carrying your daily essentials, just like the everywhere belt bag. And, the capacity is the same of its less cuddly older sister. However, the fleece is just perfect for all of the winter adventures you have planned for the holiday season. Personally, I like carrying it while holiday shopping because it’s a festive way to allow me to be hands free.

I styled it casually with a hoodie and a pair of leggings, and it looked amazing. It is priced at $58, which isn’t bad considering if you are familiar with other brands that have cozy options just as Stoney Clover. I can definitely see myself using this even with jeans, and even until the winter season ends. There are three colors that this belt bag comes in — black, brown and white. Naturally, I’ve gotten all three and I am so happy that I did.

If you can grab this one while it’s in stock — it sells out very quickly — then I highly recommend!

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