Friday Faves: November 18, 2022

TGIF! It has been a while since I’ve written shared my list of weekly favorites, and now, it gets dark before 5 and it’s chilly. Welcome to New England in late fall. It is the week before Thanksgiving, and many stores are exploding with their Black Friday deals – which I know I’m taking advantage of this year. That said, I wanted to pop over on the blog to share some of my weekly favorites:

1. Mejuri Lotus Earrings: These have been on my wishlist from the brand for a while, and I finally snatched these up when I noticed that they were on the leaving soon portion of the website. They are 14k white gold and sapphire, and are very tiny. AKA, they are perfect for my second piercing. I have left these in for a few days, and I love that they go great with whatever other earring is in my first one. I love pairing it with hoops and or studs. I also love that these are different than the little silver ball studs or Diamonique ones that I’ve had for years. Sometimes, it’s good to shake things up, you know?

2. Catching Up On My Television Shows: This is such a general thing, so let me explain myself. When we first moved, I became further behind on my TV shows to the point where it became overwhelming to start them. Well, this week I decided that it was time to actually watch them, I officially finished How I Met Your Father, and will be moving on to either One Tree Hill or The Crown.

3. The Gal’s Guide: I always love sharing some new YouTubers that I watch, and I found a new one that I have been obsessing over. That is The Gal’s Guide, which discusses handbags, which y’all know I am obsessed with luxury bags. It’s ran by a girl named Alyssa, and she reviews and unboxes bags, from Louis Vuitton to Coach. Ever since I discovered her channel, I have been binge watching it.

4. LOLA Evil Eye Pendant: I am a huge fan of the brand LOLA (love one love all) and I think that I found my new favorite out of all my collection. That is the black evil eye one. I got it in the medium and it is the perfect neutral piece. And, of course, we can all use the extra protection.

One thought on “Friday Faves: November 18, 2022

  1. These are sound like good favourites. I love catching up on my television shows, I actually haven’t watched the crown but I have started one tree hill as I love Sophia Bush. Thank you for sharing.



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