The One Where We Took Two Sets of Family Photos

One of the things that I really wanted when we got engaged was a fall session. Fall is my favorite season and I love fall foliage more than anything. However, because of how my engagement photos happened, I didn’t end up getting to do so (you can read more about that here). Since we saved so much money using the photographer, we (okay fine I) decided to get some fall photos done as well.

I contacted Tara, a photographer who I was considering for our wedding, and she and I arranged a time. Unfortunately due to rain and being sick on my end, we ended up having to move things over.

I then was concerned that the first photo shoot wouldn’t happen (gee thanks anxiety), so I contacted my friend Leah to take some photos of us where I edited them using Lightroom. I then treated her to dinner as payment. I am going to be honest — I am still new at Lightroom. However, I do think I did a great job for my first try.

These are the ones my friend took/i edited:

And, a week later, we met Tara and took yet more photos. I am going to be honest. I am so happy that I went with her as a photographer. She was amazing with Lucy and worked with her to get the best shots you can for a Jack Russell Terrier with a short attention span. However, she was also just really great to talk to, and also got the photos back to us in the span of three days and they came out great. I definitely plan to use her again for any future photo shoots we may have. If you’re looking for an affordable and professional photographer in Connecticut, I highly recommend her.

Photo Credit: Photos by Taralynn

To break things up a bit, we ended up doing one set with Lucy and another set without. When it came to clothing, it didn’t help that we had 70 degree weather so in one we were wearing sweaters and in the others, we were wearing nice short sleeved shirts. In both though, we wore jeans.

Photo Credit: Photos by Taralynn

If you can, I honestly recommend taking extra photos with your significant other, engaged or married. I am so happy that I got these moments captured, and all of the fall photos that my heart desired. For me, it was worth every penny.

Photo Credit: Photos by Taralynn

That said, as I demonstrated, if you or a friend have a nice camera, you could easily go that route.

All of these photos were taken by Photos by Taralynn.

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