Tips to Include Your Pet In Your Engagement Photos

If you ask anyone, they will tell you that the true love of my life is my dog Lucy. Apologies to my fiancé. So, when it came time for us to do our engagement photos, the most important thing was including Lucy in the photos.

Photo by Sonia Agli

However, it can be tricky to get the most important member in the family to cooperate. Or in Lucy’s case, to look at the camera. So, here are some tips to have the process go semi-smoothly.

Photo by Sonia Agli

1. Bring a person with you. We had my mother in law with us to handle Lucy. She held her when we took photos by ourselves, or even helped get her attention when we needed Lucy to look at the camera. Which is a challenge.

2. Bring treats. Lots of treats. Having someone look at the camera, especially a dog who does their own thing, is a struggle. That said, treats help get their attention so that they can at least look interested in what’s going on.

3. Hope that they don’t find a squirrel. This one is self explanatory.

4. Take action shots. Whether it’s walking with them, playing with them, or more, the action shots are definitely something that helps a lot when it comes to capture more of the “real and raw” shots. Those are always fun to have and always look authentic to me.

5. Positive reinforcement. This one is easy, but basically this just means praising your dog more than usual.

6. Get a fun bandana for them — if they allow it that is. Last but not least, try to get them a fun bandana that says something cute like my humans are getting married or dog of honor. Of course, this last one is entirely dependent on whether or not your dog will actually wear or let you put something on, so for this, proceed with caution.

Photo by Sonia Agli

One thought on “Tips to Include Your Pet In Your Engagement Photos

  1. Love these tips and the photos of course. Great idea to bring a spare person with you. My mum’s collie cross is so funny even if we don’t mean to take a photo of him as soon as we’re taking a photo, he is there posing! lol But of course on a shoot like this he would prob not be so easy- especially if he saw a squirrel or rabbit or cat… xxx


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