Friday Faves: October 21, 2022

Happy Friday, everyone! This Friday is a T Jazelle themed one, as I found two great collections I’m obsessed with. I am also dealing with falling behind on blogtober, and trying to finish my read so I can start the new Colleen Hoover book.

But, before we head into the weekend, let’s talk about today’s Friday faves:

T Jazelle Define Bracelets: I love these, because they are just non charm versions of my favorite T Jazelle pieces. As many of you know (especially if you’re a regular around here), I am obsessed with T Jazelle Bracelets. I can’t wear them as much as I would like, simply because I am no longer allowed to wear dangle bracelets at work. I then realized that the define bracelets, which are just stones, are the best way to allow me to continue stacking without the sound. Therefore, these are a favorite of the week.

T Jazelle Cape Cod Bracelets: Like the others I mentioned, I have been obsessed with these all week because they do not cling and allow me to create stacks. These are a little different than the others I mentioned. Basically, they are stainless steel beads with opals or shell stones in the middle. Like I said, I love them because they don’t cling. These have been in my collection for a while and I’m so happy they have gotten some wear as of late.

Crocheting: Last, but certainly not least, I’ve been getting back into crocheting this week and I’ve really been enjoying it. I hope to get some done over the weekend as well.

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