Urban Greek Offers Mediterranean Cuisine Stateside

Taking a step into Shelton’s Urban Greek is like a trip to the Greek islands — only without the need for a passport. Located just off of route 8, it is east to fulfill a craving for solvaki without leaving the state of CT.

Urban Greek is definitely one of the more unique places I’ve eaten at when it comes to eating Greek food in the best possible way. You can choose whatever you wish and make something completely your own. Think Subway or Chipotle, but make it Greek.

You can choose either a bowl or pita, and then add whichever protein you wish. Some of the options include: chicken, chicken skewers, falafel, and shrimp just to name a few. Then, you can choose up to five different toppings as well. And, there is no limit to what can be chosen. While there are way too many to be named, a few options are: lettuce, tomato, chickpea, onion, yogurt dill, beets, crumbled feta, and Mediterranean salsa. And, that’s only to name a few.


In addition to their build your options, Urban Greek has a menu full of “favorites” aka options that you can order. These include: Santorini Bowl (chicken, mixed greens, lentils, tomato onion salsa, olive medley, pickled onions, roasted peppers, cucumbers, hummus), Chicken pita sandwich (tomato online salsa, crispy romaine, feta, tzatzki), and shrimp pita sandwich (tzatziki, tomatoes, Romain, pickled onlines, herbs and olive oil).

Of course, sides can not be forgotten. They have many things to choose from including: fries and Greek fries (which are so good), pita and dips, lemon potato wedges, spinach pie, and soups.

What I love about Urban Greek is that you can customize pretty much everything. As someone who is lactose intolerant, this is great because I can eat foods without the worry of getting sick. Furthermore, their food is always fresh and delicious. I always get a side of their fries, and they are freshly made. (Pro tip, get an extra side of Tzatzki and dip your fries in. They are amazing).

Now, let’s talk about the price. Their build your own options can be either $11.95 or $12.95, with their menu options ranging from $8.95 t0 $14.95. While this is the same price as a burrito at Chipotle, I say that these are worth the price due to the fresh ingredients and generous portions.

That said, I wanted to touch upon that in addition to tasty sandwiches, bowls, and pitas, they do also offer Greek items for purchase as well. These include crackers to desserts. Personally, I think that this is very cool.

Overall, Urban Greek is definitely worth the trip for lunch or any meal. It is delicious and authentic and every way, and has quickly become my go-to. Be sure to check them out by going to their website, as well as follow them on Instagram and Facebook as well.

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