6 Things I Do To Self Care

Self care is not selfish.

Let me repeat that again: self care is not selfish.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk all about self care and the ways that I do it, because as we all know, how everyone practices self care is one hundred percent different. And, guess what? That is completely fine.

But, if you happen to be looking for ways — small or large on the scale of self care — to practice it, look no further. Here are some things that I do on the daily to make sure that I care for myself.

1. Go to therapy. In the past year, I’ve been going through a lot of changes. I got engaged. Sold my childhood home. Moved in with my in-laws to be while looking for a new home (still looking btw). Decided to get a new job. So, with all of these changes — all of which positive ones — I need someone to talk to. So, I see a therapist. Having a therapist has also been helpful with dealing with grief and how I navigate my family relationships. This allows me to talk about anything in a judgement free zone as well, which is very important.

2. Go to the doctor. This is not as glamorous as a bubble bath, but going to the doctor annually — and whenever you feel you need to — is perhaps the most important way to take care of yourself.

3. Listen to my body. I work out six days a week, with one full rest day. However, if my body hurts or is sore, I try to listen to my body. This is especially true with the running that I do, because there are some days where I need to move slower than others. And that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s more important to make sure that you take an active rest day versus push and injury yourself. This is something that I’m still learning. Furthermore, this also applies for me when I’m feeling under the weather or just need to slow down.

4. Say no. For me, this is saying no to a family member asking for help, saying no to plans because I’m too tired from the week, or just saying no because it’s not good for me. And, that’s okay. I am working on not feeling guilty for saying no (a tall order, I know), but at least starting the practice of doing so is definitely a good thing.

5. Do something fun. I feel like we as a society have fallen away from the idea of having fun. I get it, there are bills to pay and there is work to be done. However, I don’t think that it should be all work and no play either. That said, I try to plan something fun for myself — whether it’s a night out with friends, reading or just something for enjoyment. That way, I get to have a healthy balance from 9-5 and time for myself.

6. Taking breaks. I always make sure that I take my lunch break. I also make sure that I take breaks whenever I can when I’m at work, home, or just doing anything in general. I find that it’s really important because it gives my brain a little refresh.

What do you do for self care?

6 thoughts on “6 Things I Do To Self Care

  1. Great post. I am so bad at some of these. I often wonder why I haven’t done all I planned to each day and when I look back, the main reason is that I stop what I’m doing and help other people instead. I’d struggle to stop that though. I don’t do it enough, but for me, a bath, a chilled evening and an early night are my favourite self-care. I hope you find your new home soon. It’s good to be able to talk openly with no judgement xxx


  2. Taking breaks is a big one for me. We homeschool and I work from home so my time is seldom mine but I make a point of taking a time out every day. I often will just lie on my bed, watch an episode of my favourite show and chill for an hour.


  3. This is such a great post to start the day off reading. I’m super guilty of making self care something that I intend to do, but hardly get round to actually doing. Your 6 ideas a great – I hadn’t thought about going to the doctors being one of them – good call! I find saying ‘no’ to things that I know I can’t juggle the most self relieving out of everything. #blogtober22


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