May Amazon Favorites

It has been a while since I last talked about Amazon, and I have been using my Prime membership to the extreme. Moving has made going to the store harder than expected, so the concept of getting items delivered to my door are super clutch.

That said, I have a ton of Amazon favorites to share with you. The items that I chose are all items that are more specific to Amazon, and I won’t be sharing items that I could otherwise get at a grocery store. And, they vary from beauty to car. So, without further adue, here they are!

Makeup Towels: I have been using the Neutrogena makeup wipes for years. However, I saw them on TikTok when my wipes were running low and I will never go back. These not only take off my makeup, but they also leave my face feeling refreshed. What I also love about these is that they are reusable, so they are much better for the planet.

Apple Watch Sport Bands: I wanted to get the Apple version of the sports bands, and I am so glad that I held off. I got these for $11, and I love that they are a set of 6 bands. I wear sports bands a lot when I work out, and so I love being able to have a band that allows my wrist to breathe. The quality of these bands are also so much better than I thought.

Car Cleaning Gel: I love this product. It is a gel that allows the dirt on your car to stick to it. I personally love this because it makes it fun to clean my car, which is something that I don’t do as often that I like.

Moon Jewelry Dish: I am a huge fan of anything celestial, so this dish is amazing. I love it because it was inexpensive for a set of two, so I can keep my daily jewelry pieces more organized. This is a great gift for someone who loves anything celestial as well.

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