Friday Faves: May 20, 2022

TGIF everyone! I finally can say that I put the moving process behind me, and I am so excited to finally get back to blogging. That said, I don’t know when I’ll regularly resume to blogging. I have ideas, and now that I have the time again to do it, I hope to have posts up in the next few weeks.

I wanted to kick off blogging regularly with a list of my favorites. So, without further adue, here are this week’s favorites:

James Avery Key to my Heart Ring: I have had my eye on this ring for a while and I have finally decided to purchase as part of a huge accomplishment and I love it. I am wearing mine on my index finger, and it looks great with the other rings I wear most of the time.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: I swallowed this book whole in a matter of three days. This book was amazing and I can now see why it was a best seller. It tells the story of Nora Seed, who is depressed and attempts suicide. She enters the Midnight Library, where she “tries on” different lives. This was a great story and it really was worth the read.

Lululemon Align Tank Top: I am slowly becoming obsessed with Lululemon. And, now I get why the align line is so popular. First off, I got this shirt for $19 and it was really comfortable. I since ordered two more from the We Made Too Much section and I can already see them becoming a staple in my closet. When I wore this, I did not wear a bra, and I was just fine (I am a 40 D for reference). It kept me in just fine, and I am slowly making my way through the align line at Lululemon. At some point, (maybe for my birthday), I want to get the black in this as well as the T-Shirt.

Celesta Youtube Channel: Celesta is a handbag guru on TikTok. I love her TikToks and stumbled across her YouTube channel. I have been binging her channel, and have been influenced by her to purchase a Polene bag. She is enjoyable to watch because her channel mixes affordable with luxury bags.

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