Bag Talk: Talking About TikTok’s Most Viral Bags — Are They Worth It?

I have become obsessed with TikTok lately, especially when it comes to hauls and bags. And, I am not going to lie, because of TikTok, I may have purchased some of them. No regrets. So, I gathered some of the most viral bags I can think of, and I am going to tell you if they are worth it. Just a head’s up, I will not include luxury bags in this post.

Coach Towne Bucket Bag: Okay so this bag comes in three different sizes — the mini, small and regular. I have had mixed feelings about this bag, but became obsessed with the regular one. At first, I didn’t like it because of the snap closure. However, I ended up grabbing the regular size because it is so roomy. It is also a crossbody which we all know I love a good crossbody bag! I did look at the other sizes in store and they are good sizes too depending on what you’re carrying. To me this is worth it because the bag is a great alternative to Louis Vuitton’s Neo bags and Coach is great quality too. However, for me, I am not a fan of the smaller sizes because I think it would be too small for my daily needs.

Kate Spade/Coach Heart Bag: These are cute, but for me, it’s a no. I think they are a great little crossbody and they hold a lot. However, unless you really like hearts, this bag is seasonal.

Lululemon Belt Bag: 100 percent yes! I own it in three colors and I have my eye on the blue one. These are the perfect bag for walks, beach trips, and so much more. I have even used them for errands. They fit quite a bit of items and the price point is so good. What I really like about this bag is that it fits me perfectly. I have a larger chest so this helps a lot.

Coach Nolita: The Coach Nolita comes in two sizes — the 15 and the 19. I have the 19 and I love it because it’s the perfect little grab and go bag. I throw my wallet and my keys and I’m good to go. I have the Louis Vuitton mini pochette and I love the 19 more because it fits my recto verso. I think the 15 is a great dupe for the mini pochette because I got mine for a lot cheaper than they are now. My answer is yes — especially if you want the mini pochette.

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Marc Jacobs “The Tote Bag”: I absolutely love this bag. It is a great bag that carries everything, and it’s great for work, travel and so much more. I have the mini and I absolutely love it. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, but I love this bag oh so much.

Coach Wallet on a Chain: The mini bag trend has not caught on for me, but this just looks way too small to fit your essentials. Therefore, I really don’t think this bag is worth it.

Kate Spade Novelty Bags: These bags are cute. However, it’s a no for me because I don’t think that they are practical. Like at all. And there are quite a few — including a taxi cab and so much more.

Coach Mini Wallet: I have my Recto Verso from Louis Vuitton, but I really love this one. I think it’s a great little wallet that you can get at a great quality for a great price, and it will fit in any kind of purse you may have.

2 thoughts on “Bag Talk: Talking About TikTok’s Most Viral Bags — Are They Worth It?

  1. I’m not much of a purse person, since I carry a backpack to work with my laptop, etc. But my poor old Kate Spade crossbody is showing wear and tear, so I’m going to be om the lookout for a new one. So interesting to see your thoughts on these popular bags!


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