US Chowder Pot Offers an Authentic and Delicious Nautical Experience

Summertime is just around the corner (we can dream right), and I am already craving inhaling the salty sea air and the delicious delicacy that come with summer, such as fried fish, burgers and more.

One of the best places in Connecticut to visit during the summer (or really anytime of year if I am being honest), is the US Chowder Pot. They have two locations in Branford and Hartford, and offer indoor/outdoor dining and takeout. While I have yet to visit the Hartford location, the Branford one has nautical decor all throughout the restaurant.

Now, let’s discuss the food. They have a dinner and lunch menu with a huge variety of items to choose from. They offer standard seafood delacies such as fried fishes, lobsters, and of course, New England Clam Chowder. An interesting menu that caught my eye (but I can’t have it because I am highly allergic to dairy) was the lobster Mac and Cheese. And, if someone in your party doesn’t like seafood, they have burger, steak and chicken options as well. And, all of their menu items come with their delicious honey bread. Trust me, you’re going to devour that while you are waiting for your meal.

I’ve been there a few times over the years, but just went to the Chowder Pot this past weekend with my fiancé for lunch. Now, their lunch menu is really affordable and you get a lot with it. I had a grilled chicken, which came with two sides. He had the Chicken Parmesan, which also came with pasta and a side. The portions were extremely generous and we were extremely full after the meal.

While the food is delicious, the Chowder Pot also offers entertainment as well. You can check out more details about their schedule here. Just looking at the schedule, there is live music at least once a week.

Between the ambiance and the food, the Chowder Pot is definitely something to check out.

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