Run Don’t Walk to the Kate Spade Outlet for this Bag

I have been on the hunt for the perfect everyday black hobo purse. I already have two other variations of the bag in my collection — the Madewell bucket bag and a Coach bag that I purchased a few years back at the outlet. So, on a recent trip to the Tanger Outlets at Foxwoods, I had my sights set on grabbing one.

I went to Kate Spade, Coach and Micheal Kore. It was at Kate Spade where I saw this bag lying in the front section. It caught my eye the first time I went in, and then I went back a few more times before grabbing the bag in two colors.

It is called the Staci Shoulde bag. At my outlet, they had three colors — black, white and a light blue. I picked up the white and the black. Since going home, I learned that there are two other colors — a floral, and a pink red. I am considering grabbing one of them in the efforts to use a coupon they gave me at the store.

There are so many unique things about this bag that made me love it enough to grab it in two different colors. The first is that it is probably the perfect size for me. I am a huge fan of my Louis Vuitton pochette Métis, which is one of the most flattering crossbody bags that I have ever owned. This one is a little smaller than that (and a fraction of the price) and holds about the same amount. Next, I love that it can be both a hobo bag and a crossbody. It allows me to have two looks in the price of one so if I get tired of the hobo look or need to go hands free, I have that option without having to switch bags.

Now what do I hold in it?

As many of you know, my small leather goods are all vintage Louis Vuitton. I have my mini Pochette, 6 ring key holder, Recto Verso, Zippy Coin Wallet, and my sunglasses. I also have my AirPods and my work keys as well. They all fit perfectly without bulging, and I think that I even can fit my Kindle. I haven’t tried yet, seeing as I have only had the bag for a few days.

While I went with classic black, I did grab the white version as well. I have never had a white bag before so I am a little nervous. The black is something that I will wear year round, but I can see the white working its way into my purse rotation in the spring and summer. As I mentioned before, I did get a coupon, so I might grab the Robin’s Egg blue one for a pop of color during the spring time.

I won’t get into pricing of the bag, because outlet sales vary every time you walk into the store. At the time of when I scored these bags, I got 60 percent off with an extra 20. But, the outlet has at least that going on every time you shop, so I would call your local Kate Spade for a deal. That said, I did say that for a bag that is amazing quality (especially as lux brands are going up in price as time goes on), paying a little over a $100 for a bag you will use a lot is honestly worth the purchase.

That said, I highly recommend this bag because it’s the perfect every day bag. As of right now, it is not available at the Kate Spade outlet online, so I recommend calling your local outlet. They do however offer the smaller version, which I also can see myself getting as well to use for smaller days. I probably will to see if they have it when it comes time to redeem the coupon, because this is the perfect spring bag.

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