Bag Talk: Is The Louis Vuitton Six-Ring Key Holder Worth It?

A few months ago, I purchased a small leather good from Poshmark – the Louis Vuitton six ring keyholder. This product was something that I never thought that I would get because who needs to put their keys in a key holder? Isn’t a keychain sufficient?

However, I started to carry wristlets and smaller bags more and more to the point where I had a hard time being able to take my keys with me. So, I began looking for these on the pre-loved market since Louis Vuitton is experiencing a canvas shortage and getting this new was going to be a challenge.

I ended up getting a great deal on it – nearly $200 off of retail price. What a great deal. I opted to go with the six ring version instead of the four because I figured I’d give me room to put extra keys over time or the option to put my car key in there as well. 

And, let me tell you. This was such a great purchase. I use this every day, and it makes things so much easier. I take it with me when I go on walks, slip in into my Vera Bradley RFID all-in-one wristlet with no issue, and fits in all of my small bags. I also have been using it in my regular daily tote bag to work and any other purse, which I love because it keeps my keys in a place where I can get to them easily.

Normally, I do not keep my car key in there as an FYI. I prefer to leave it on my Recto Verso (which was definitely worth the purchase), but I do have the option to do so if I need to. The car remote does fit in there for the most part, but it sticks out on the bottom. I just don’t because of personal preference. 

So. Is it worth it? 


I think this product is 100 percent worth the money –if you buy it on consignment. There are so many great deals on this product on sites such as the RealReal, Poshmark or Fashionphile that are at least $100 under retail if not more. This product is a great grab and go one, as this can be something to be used when you need to just grab your keys and go and don’t want to take a larger purse. I don’t recommend this, but there is a little slot in the back that is perfect for inserting an ID/card. Again, not recommended, but if it works in a pinch, than I say go for it. 

And, remember this. Canvas is such a hot item – especially right now. So, if you don’t end up using it, you can sell it and make your money back.

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