Favorite Items I Purchased From Poshmark

I love Poshmark. I love selling on Poshmark to clean out my closet. I also love shopping for things on Poshmark as well, because I can score some amazing deals on items that I want, and also items that are discontinued. Over the past year or so, I have found amazing deals on Pandora, Tiffany and Co, and Louis Vuitton just to name a few. Many of them are for about half of the price at their retail store, and I am so happy I took the chance by getting them from Poshmark.

Louis Vuitton Six Ring Key Holder: I got over $200 off on this product. It retails for $265. I got it for $85, and I use this every day. I love it because it keeps my keys in a compact way. I also have trouble finding my keys because they get buried in my larger purses, so this eliminates that struggle. The item is in great condition, and is an amazing SGL.

Tiffany and Company Beaded Bracelets: I purchased two Tiffany and Company mini bracelets — the heart dangle and the round one. The round one is no longer made by Tiffany and Company, and the heart one is now $200. I got mine for $125. I wear these all of the time stacked together with my Pandora beads and pave bracelet. I also wear them by themselves as well. These bracelets are my favorite because I can wear them with anything. My trick with getting them looking brand new is to get the sterling silver polishing kit from Tiffany (which is $45) and then polishing them to make them look new. I wear them frequently, and these were definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Return to Tiffany Rubedo Double Heart Necklace: I love two-toned jewelry, so I was so happy to find this piece for half of retail price. I took it to get polished at Tiffany and Co (they do offer free cleanings) and it looks brand new.

Stoney Clover Lane Cozy Mini Pouch: Stoney Clover’s Cozy collection is no longer sold in stores, so I was so happy to get a mini pouch in this collection because it’s so cute. I also love it that it’s a neutral shade (I think it is in the hazelnut) so it goes with all of my bags. I love this to use with my totes, and it fits all of my purse essentials.

Stoney Clover Cozy Large Heart Pouch: As you can see, I really wished that I didn’t miss out on this collection. I got the large pouch, which was in amazing condition and for only $40! I love it because it’s adorable, but holds a ton. I use it when I need to take cords, or other larger items. It fits in my tote bags perfectly.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Ebiene: Finding a Neverfull that is decently priced and in great condition. I paid $750 for mine, and it is in amazing condition. Yes, that is a lot of money. But, the current price for a Neverfull MM on Louis Vuitton’s website is $1,540 at the time of posting this. So, when I found this on Poshmark, I couldn’t resist. And, what I like about Poshmark is that they authenticate it for you if the item is over $500. That is definitely comforting for me as a consumer.

Tiffany and Company Large Beaded Bracelet: Tiffany is a common theme when it comes to my Poshmark videos. I purchased the large beaded bracelet for $200, which on Tiffany’s website is $375. The bracelet was brand new, although it was a little tarnished. I used the cleaner, and it came out looking as if I went and got it from Tiffany’s! I highly recommend checking out the tarnished pieces, because you can easily get them cleaned and have them looking as good as new.

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