Connecticut Governor Announces New Fall Promotional Campaign in the Efforts To Attract Tourism

I think that we all can agree that there is nothing like a New England fall. Between the crisp fall harvest and the gorgeous fall foliage, fall in New England is something that is unique. In light of this fall season, Governor Ned Lamont made an announcement on Friday promoting the upcoming season in Connecticut.

That initiative is called Full Color Connecticut. In a press release entitled Governor Lamont Announces Launch of ‘Full Color Connecticut Campaign’ Promoting Fall Tourism Season, Lamont says that this effort will promote “safe travel” in a way that will “fuel the Connecticut tourism industry’s continued economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The campaign, which cost $1.4 million dollars, will run from September 10 to November 20, 2021. The press release says that this is nearly triple the amount the state normally spends on fall marketing. The goal? To reach travelers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and even Philadelphia, according to the press release. The press release went onto say “hundreds of Connecticut tourism businesses and offerings in every corner of the state, including arts, culture and theater venues, casinos, fairs and festivals, historical sites, hotels, inns and B&Bs, museums, orchards, restaurants, shops and state parks.” Furthermore, the press release urges participants to use the hashtag #FullColorCT when participating in the activities.

Now, what are the activities?

CTVisit is a great resource for all things fall, including fall foliage drives, a foliage report, a list of great views for the fall season, and so much more. Exploring the website has never been easier and is a great resource for state residents and those who just want to visit the state.

As a seasoned Nutmegger myself, I would also like to mention some of my own favorite things to do during the fall season in the state. These include a trip to Lyman Orchards for apples and apple cider donuts, a hike on Sleeping Giant, wineries, and a visit to the state’s many fairs, such as the Durham and the North Haven fair.

That said, I think Full Color CT is a great resource for those who even live in the state, because it gives residents an opportunity to explore areas that they may not have otherwise known about. And, in light of the COVID-19 economic impact, I definitely think it will give a much needed boost.

Will you be participating in Full Color CT? Let me know in the comments below.


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