5 Tips to Get Out of a Reading Slump

Reading slumps are something that even regular readers like myself get into from time to time. Sometimes, the motivation to read just isn’t there. And, that can be caused for a number of reasons – busy, not in the mood into read, the book not being as good as you thought that it was, etc.

However, the question then becomes, how do I get out of a reading slump? Well, I have curated a list of tips that work for me whenever I have my reading slumps that I hope can be helpful whenever you find yourself in this situation:

Audiobooks: I love audiobooks, because I can do whatever I need to while reading a book. My hack for this is using a celebrity-read audiobook, or one with multi point of views. This is great because you can knit, do chores, and do other things while still knocking a book out of your reading list. I use Audible, but I also have used Libby for this as well. Some books that I recommend include: Dave Ramsey’s the Total Money Makeover, Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, Open Book by Jessica Simpson, and Sadie by Courtney Summers.

Take a Break: Reading is supposed to be fun. Unless, you’re reading it for a class, then please ignore this tip. Therefore, if you’re not in the mood to read this book at a given time, then it’s ok. You can take a break. You can take a break and then go back to the book whenever you want.

DNF: DNF (Did Not Finish) If a book isn’t interesting you, then just don’t finish it. I know that DNF-ing book is controversial, but if a book isn’t your thing, then you cannot finish it to go to one that does.

Reading Marathon: 24 hour reading marathons (or any reading marathon) are such a great way of getting yourself into reading again. While 24 hours may be extreme, even putting aside a lengthy period of time can help. Just go on YouTube to watch book tubers such as Regan from Peruse Project, or Emma from Emma Books to watch theirs. I have done a few, and I am glad that I did because it helped me get rid of a few books off of my list.

Read Something Different: Sometimes, you just need to read something different. That may mean reading Brighterton, a thriller, or whatever it is that is a fast pace for you. This will definitely help you move past the slump and stay on track with your reading goal.

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