Eating My Way Around CT: Sugar Rush

Nitrogen ice cream shops have been popping up more and more in recent years. As a person who is dairy free though, it is safe to say that I have been missing out of the trend. Shelton’s Sugar Rush changed that for me with the dairy free options.

Located in Shelton, Sugar Rush has an extensive menu of desserts. Their dairy free menu has three flavors — dark chocolate, vanilla, and red raspberry sorbet. Oh yeah, and they also have dairy options as well. Their menu has a huge variety of flavors from cookies dough, cotton candy, strawberry, and more. The website says the nitrogen ice cream is made “using a premium cream base which is then flash frozen with food-grade liquid nitrogen to instantly create a perfect scoop, every single time.” They make the ice cream in front of you, as well. All of their ice cream is served in a warm, delicious bubble cone. But, we’ll talk more about that later.

Their options don’t end just there. According to the site, they have 33 topping options, including ice cream regulars such as sprinkles, hot fudge, and M&Ms. But, they are more options that that, including marshmallows, cereal flavors, brownie bits, and cookie dough pieces. And you know that bubble cone that I mentioned earlier? Well, you can also get toppings infused into your cone for an added burst of flavor.

However, if the thought of making decisions give you anxiety, they do have ready made concoctions, such as s’mores, Cookie Monster, and the sugar rush sundae.

Their menu does offer more than ice cream. They also offer cookies, infused donuts and milkshakes as well.

I have been to Sugar Rush twice in the last few weeks, and I am obsessed. I was skeptical at first, but I was blown away. The vibe is so fun, and in the attempt to keep the line moving, they offer a QR code before you go inside to access their menu and make decisions.

What I love about this place is that the vibe is so fun. There is a bright wall with a fun design — perfect for snapping a photo for the ‘gram (do people still say that anymore?). There is fun music playing from their speakers as well. Furthermore, the menu prices are relatively inexpensive, so you’re able to get a sweet treat without breaking the bank.

Sugar Rush has definitely become one of my new favorite spots this summer. Be sure to check out Sugar Rush on their website, Instagram, and Facebook if you’re interested in checking them out.

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