Friday Faves: July 16, 2021

Happy Friday everyone! I have had a great birthday week, and have been using it as an excuse to treat myself. I know that in the coming weeks, I will need to reel it in, but until then, I have been enjoying spending birthday money, and gift cards. I am sure that many of these will be on my favorites lists for the next few weeks.

That being said, here are my favorites for this week: 

Amazon Water Bottle: I love this bottle because it has a lot of built-in reminders of what I need to drink by what time. I have a hard time staying motivated to drink water, so this definitely helps. What is great about this water bottle versus others, is that since it’s only 32 ounces, I can fit it in my cupholder and purse with ease.

Madewell Pouch Clutch: I am a Madewell Insider, and I used my birthday coupon to get this pouch. This pouch is perfect for whenever I need to grab and go somewhere. It holds my keys, my wallet, and even my phone. So far, I’ve used it a few times as a little pouch to carry whenever I go to nighttime meetings and when I take my laptop to work. I can see myself using this whenever I am grabbing brunch with a friend, going to get coffee, or just as a pouch in a larger bag. I am debating on purchasing a wristlet strap to go with it as well. 

2006-2010s Emo Playlist: This playlist is essentially a mix of all of the punk/alternative songs that made my middle and high school years. I am talking about music from My Chemical Romance, Boys Like Girls, and Fall Out Boy. It is a great thing to listen to when you’re feeling nostalgic, and just want to jam. 

Girl Gone Viral and Love at First Like by Alisha Rai: I have been on such a romance kick lately, and have been enjoying these books from the Modern Love series. They have such a modern take on love, and I have been enjoying it. The first, Girl Gone Viral, tells the story of a meet-cute that has gone viral. However, it is not a meet cute. The second is a story about catfishing. I haven’t gotten too far in that one, but I am so excited to dive in.

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