What I Love Wednesday: February 10, 2020

Happy Wednesday everyone! This week is going to be a short week for me, and I am so excited for it. I’m hoping that there isn’t any snow, because snow has been constantly in the forecast.

That said, this week’s What I Love Wednesday is a more product-heavy one than in weeks’ past. Many of these are items that I’ve had for a few weeks now, and have been loving, while others are newer.

So here are this week’s favorites:

Kendra Scott Ansley Small Heart Earrings: Kendra Scott has been a hit or miss jewelry brand for me. I either find something that I really love, or something that I end up selling on my Poshmark because the earrings are too heavy for my liking. These earrings are ones that I really love. I purchased these a few weeks back, along with a necklace that I ended up returning. These are really lightweight, and they are perfect for Valentine’s Day. I have the silver color, but you can also get them in gold and rose gold. I love hearts, so chances are, I will be wearing these past Valentine’s Day.

Kendra Scott Maggie Small Hoop Earrings: I just recently started wearing these earrings as well, and I really have been enjoying them. They are pretty much lightweight as well, and they are perfect for everyday use. I’ve had these since September, but I’ve just started using these now. And, like the other earrings, these also come in gold and rose gold as well.

Fitness Boxing 2 Nitendo Switch Game: I mentioned this when I first got this game, but I’ve been playing this a lot lately and enjoying. It basically is a game that lets you cardiokickbox with different music. It is a really fun work out, and it’s something that progresses as you progress.

Trader Joe’s Cocoa and Almond Spread: I’ve been addicted to this since I opened it. Basically it is a healthier version of Nutella, and it is so good. You can use this spread for so many things, such as: waffles, crackers, and more.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: This blanket is deemed as the best blanket, and for a while I’ve been skeptical. Mainly because I make blankets in my spare time. However, there is a reason that the blanket is hyped. I purchased this for my living room, which is a little fancier than the rest of the rooms in my house. Therefore, I didn’t want to have a handmade blanket. However, I got one off of Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the price. I took it out, and pretty much have used it nonstop to the point where I ordered a second for my bedroom. What I love about this blanket is that it is really comforting. Whenever I use it, I feel so relaxed when I use it, and I highly recommend it if you suffer from anxiety like I do. I can’t attest for the quality of this, but I really am loving this so far.

Apple Fitness Plus: I got three months for free thanks to my Apple Watch. This week, I have been loving the spin classes. What I love about it, versus the Peloton app, is that you can use any bike. I have a cheap bike that I bought from Kohl’s a while ago, and this app worked great with it. I have done three classes in a row, and I have been enjoying them because they are fun and have a positive energy to them where I look forward to working out. If you don’t know anything about the app, it gives you a ton of different types of workouts, such as running, cycling, walking, HIIT and more. For me, I would probably keep the app so I can use it with Jazzercise.

8 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday: February 10, 2020

    1. They are definitely not heavy, and they are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Although for the price, I am probably going to wear them after that because they are so cute! I want to get the necklace at some point.


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