Online Shops You Should Know: CC Malden

For years, I’ve always lusted after a Louis Vuitton Neverfull. However, I didn’t like the pricetag of the Neverfull, because at the time, it was a purse that was over a thousand dollars.

Yeah, no. Even though Louis Vuitton purses do last forever and you can get it repaired.

In my search for this handbag, I checked both Poshmark and Ebay without much success. The ones in decent condition were close to the price at Louis Vuitton, and the ones that weren’t in decent condition made me swipe down.

One morning, I came across an advertisement for the Neverfull on this luxury consignment seller. The price was good. The bag looked great, and was from 2007. Was it too good to be true?

I messaged the seller, and she sent over some more pictures which was amazing. I purchased the bag, and the price ended up being less than a third than the Louis Vuitton one.

When it came in the mail, it was in excellent condition and was well wrapped. It soon became my favorite purse, and still is one of my favorites to this day. Since then, I purchased a makeup bag, a pouchette, and the Speedy 30. All of which were a fraction of what the retail is from this shop.

The shop I am talking about is CCMalden, aka Closet Connection Resale. Based in Malden, Massacheutts, this luxury retailer has a wide variety of current and historic Louis Vuitton styles. But, the shop has so much more than Louis Vuitton. The shop occasionally offers other luxury fashion houses, such as Chanel, Tiffany, and Gucci.

How this shop works is that it basically is a online consignment store for luxury goods. All of the bags before they are sold are authenticated. According to the website, they work with a Louis Vuitton and Gucci expert, as well as work in a partnership with a larger resale community to “guarantee authenticity.” And, they back their items up. If an item turns out to not be authentic, you get your money back. You can view more details about that here.

I really like this, because there is no second guessing when it comes to purchasing. This is so much more relieving than trying to scan the internet trying to authenticate items.

What I love about this shop is hands down the customer service. I’ve messaged the owner, Kristina, a handful of times about bags that I ended up not purchasing, and she was responsive and informative. She is also helpful if you have any further questions about the bags that you are about to purchase, whether it may be size, date codes, etc. She also has a Facebook group, where she does Facebook lives of all of the items that she has in stock.

If you have an interest in bags, but don’t see what you’re looking for, I highly recommend that you also follow the shop on Instagram. All new bags are posted in the shop’s stories, and it’s the best way to see new arrivals. It is also another way to ask questions about the products before purchasing.

Now, let’s talk about the fun part — the bags and the prices. Luxury goods aren’t cheap whatsoever. However, many of these bags are less than a thousand dollars. Which is a steal if you’re talking about Louis Vuitton to be honest. What I also like about this shop is that they are vintage pieces, which is really cool as well. With vintage or hard to find Louis Vuitton pieces, it’s very common to see the price increased exponentially. However, these are affordably priced.

That said, I highly recommend this shop to anyone who loves luxury pieces, but not the luxury price. It is easy, it is affordable, and all of the bags are in great condition.

11 thoughts on “Online Shops You Should Know: CC Malden

  1. What an awesome find! I’m going to have to check them out. I really appreciate that they authenticate, that would be my biggest concern with something like Poshmark.


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