8 Items I Love From Amazon

Amazon has become my go-to for so many things. I buy so many things for my dog, Lucy, as well as tech finds. However, I often find that finding great items on the site is extremely overwhelming. Therefore, I live for content that has a list of great items already created for me.

So, here are some of my favorites that I’ve purchased off of Amazon and love:

  1. Kindle: I have the Kindle Paperwhite and I absolutely love it. I love the Kindle because it has a wider selection of books than my Nook does, even though I love my Nook. What is great about this Kindle is that you can read pretty much everywhere. I even take it in the book with me. The battery life on this Kindle lasts for weeks, which is an added bonus as well. There are so many different ones, but I personally like the Paperwhite because you get the perks of the Oasis, without the price.
  2. Merrick Fresh Kisses Medium Oral Dental Dog Treats: I love this product because it is basically like a toothbrush for your dog. When your dog’s teeth get cleaned, they often have to be put under anesthesia. However, I heard about these treats and decided to give them a try. And, they worked. Lucy’s teeth are in great condition — and she loves it because she thinks that they are a treat.
  3. Country Brook Design — Nylon Pet Collar: Last November, Lucy rolled around in poop and I needed a collar asap. Enter in this collar. It came in less than 2 days, and it’s been on ever since. Almost a year later, this collar held up pretty well. What I love about this collar is the price. Pet collars are expensive. Lucy’s first one was double the price. And, because she rolled around in stuff, I didn’t want to spend a lot, so I got this. If you’re looking for a dog collar, then this is the one you need to get.
  4. Diffuser: Diffusers are expensive. However, this one was about $20. I love this because it fills the room up with the essential oil of your choice. It has timers as well, so you don’t need to worry about taking it off. This is hands down my favorite diffuser that I’ve had so far, and I highly recommend it.
  5. iPad Case: Amazon has the best tech cases hands down. I am currently browsing for a new laptop case at the time of writing this post. This case is very similar to the Apple one. Except it’s not that pricy. I have the rose gold one, and have had it for over a year. And, it’s held up pretty well for something that I’ve used almost daily. What is also really good is that you can use it to prop up to watch videos, which I really love.
  6. Bathroom Rug: When I first got Lucy, she used to pee a lot in the house. Needless to say, I didn’t want to spend too much money on a bathroom rug for that purpose. Enter in this rug. I’ve had it since last October and it’s held up pretty well. If it does get dirty for any reason, it is actually very simple. All you do is wash it and you’re good to go. Easy.
  7. Ceramic Dish: I love this dish. It’s meant for jewelry, but I use it for keys. And, it really works. It gives it a clean look, which I really like, and my keys aren’t hanging around in my house.
  8. Smart Scale: This is a good purchase for anyone. This scale is really good because you can get a breakdown of your weight — water weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc. I love this because it helps you monitor changes, and keep track of it.

12 thoughts on “8 Items I Love From Amazon

  1. I really want a Kindle but I have an iPad and feel guilty buying one. I’ve debated about which one to buy too. I want an extra source for downloading books. I have that iPad case and it does hold up really well.


  2. I have amazon prime and found really cool things at amazon, and they deliver everywhere! I can send packages to my relatives without me having to go to the store and mail


  3. I found my diffuser that I love on Amazon, and it’s where I buy my dogs’ chew antlers since they like the larger sized ones.


  4. I spend a LOT of money on Amazon Prime items – I finally got smart and used the subscribe and save for my monthly reoccurring items (especially diapers for the kids!). I was really appreciated it when they offered a military discount last year and hope they do it again this year!


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