14 Birthday Freebies/Discounts You Can’t Resist

I don’t know about you all, but I love a good deal. In honor of my 26th birthday on Sunday, here are some great birthday coupons that you can use to treat yourself with. Trust me, it is worth it. All you have to do is sign up for their email promotion list.

  1. Kendra Scott: 50 percent off of any jewelry piece and 25 percent off of any fine jewelry piece. 

2. Urban Outfitters: 20 percent off of any purchase of $50 or more (aka the perfect place to spend any birthday cash)

3. Anthropologie: 20 percent off of your purchase

4. Tory Burch: $50 off of any item

5. Starbucks: Free drink on your birthday

6. Madewell: $25 off of your purchase. 

7. Brugger’s Bagels: Free bagel with cream cheese

8. Book of the Month: Members can get a free add-on with their birthday month box

9. Dunkin’: If you sign up for the Dunkin’ Rewards, you can get a free medium drink on your birthday. That said, I would try the Strawberry Dragonfruit Refresher, because it is amazing. 

10. IHOP:A free stack of pancakes. Talk about a delicious birthday breakfast. 

11. Best Buy: 20 percent off of your purchase. 

12. Panera: Free birthday treat.

13. Kohl’s: Rewards members can get $10 coupons.  

14. Target: Target Circle members get 5 percent off of their total in-store or online purchase.

6 thoughts on “14 Birthday Freebies/Discounts You Can’t Resist

  1. Sign your kids up at Barnes & Noble and they get a freebie on their birthday. I’ve done it for both of mine. In MI we have a car wash chain that gives you a free birthday wash. There used to be so many more too.


  2. Whoa, I had no idea that most of those retailers had birthday gifts! That is so cool. But I will have to wait till April. Nevertheless, Happy Birthday to you right now!


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