I don’t know how this tradition got started, but every year on my birthday (or the day after, since my birthday was yesterday) I would publish a blog post about turning whatever that age may be. 

This year is 26. 

Wow, even writing that feels kind of old. In grand perspective, I am over a quarter of a century old. I am aged out of my parents’ health insurance. I am in my mid-to late 20s.

Now, your 20s is such a weird time. Especially your late 20s. Half of your friends are either engaged, married or expecting. The other half is just out there enjoying life. And, of course, there is this expectation that you need to have everything figured out. The relationship you are in should have a future. If you’re not in one, then you question whether or not you should be looking for something serious, or just looking for something simple. Pretty much, I can compare it to the first season of Sex and the City. 

This past year, things have pretty much calmed down for me. I got a dog. I started really moving forward from my mom’s death. I am learning to forgive, and to speak up for what’s right for me. I am getting better with managing money. 

While I may not have all of the answers, I will say that I am doing a lot better than just a year ago. And, I am proud of myself for that.

Finally, one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn was setting boundaries. Boundaries for balance, social events, etc. Now, what do I mean by that? I mean I’m making sure that I am taking care of me, whether it may mean that I am skipping out on a gathering of friends (well until COVID-19 hit) after a long week or even trying to make sure that I am doing what is right for me. It’s not well received, especially when I’ve made it a habit to prioritize everything but my own self care in the past. However, I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier. 

At the end of day, I’ve learned that my happiness matters. Which is why my goal in life for this next year is to prioritize it. To put my mental and physical health first. To breathe. I think that’s the biggest goal I can have, because after all, I am only 26. 

So, here’s to 26 everyone. 

Now maybe this is the year I start an Etsy shop. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “26

  1. The 20s are complicated! Speaking from the early 20s I get it, and throw a pandemic on top of it all! Really new and uncharted territories for everything! Hope 26 treats you well!


  2. A belated Happy Birthday!!! I am glad the past year was on the up for you! I love the idea of reflecting and tracking each year, a great way to remind yourself of what you come from!


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