Women Who Work: Shining Starz Owner, Theresa Shine

To kick off a new feature on my blog, I am interviewing one of my oldest friends, Theresa Shine. I have actually known her since we were in middle school, so yeah, we go way back. Theresa now owns a dance studio called Shining Starz, located in Branford, Connecticut. I took a moment to chat with her about her business.

A look inside Shining Starz Dance Studio. Photo Credit: Theresa Shine

What sparked your passion for dance?

I’ve always loved dancing. I began at 2 years old and always felt inspired when hearing music to create dances and express my feelings through it. It helps me become free.

Tell me about your career thus far.

I competed in many areas of dance for 13 years & hold a dance title “Senior Miss Power of Dance- Springfield, MA 2013”. I’ve performed professionally in New York City, Norwalk and New Haven, CT. I began assistant teaching at 11 years old, which turned into teaching my own acrobatics class at my old dance studio. From there I began choreographing duos, solos, and dances for Ross Woodward School in New Haven which inspired me to open up Shining Starz!

How did Shining Starz get started?

Shining starz began as “Ross Woodward’s Shining Starz dancers”. I was asked to choreograph dances for their school’s assembly’s, mainly in hip-hop and jazz dance with tricks thrown in. The students there all inspired me to open my own dance classes separate from my old dance studio. It eventually turned into a mini dance company.

What are the services you currently offer?

We offer traditional dance classes as well as acrobatics built into most classes, unlike other studios. We also offer private lessons and strength training for athletes of other sports.

Are there any options for older dancers (adults)?

Yes! I recently did an adult acro series (so like yoga but with strength added) through Facebook live and am hoping to begin an in person class once covid calms down a bit more. We also offer adult tap and adult ballet will be coming soon!

What is your greatest joy in starting your business?

Watching your dream come to life.

Where can someone find you if they are interested in classes? 

They can find us on our website www.shiningstarzacrodanceacademyct.com Facebook, and Instagram.

What is some advice you have for those who want to open their own studio? 

Go for it with everything you’ve got! Don’t let anyone tell you that you won’t be successful. 

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