What I Love Wednesday: May 27, 2020

Is it me or short weeks seem to fly by?

That said, here are my favorites for this week:

Sweet Magnolias: I started the Netflix series last Friday, and binge watched half of the series in one day. It’s a drama about a group of lifelong friends, who went through ups and downs in life, and decided to open a spa. Add in some romance, and small town gossip, and you’ll love it.

Amigurumi: This was something that has been on my bucket list for as long as I started crocheting. So, this weekend I started to do so. I have been using the book Crochet Cute Critters, and I’m loving it. I’m making an elephant and I’m proud of myself for starting a new challenging project. So far, I’ve made the body, and might need to redo the head, but I am definitely enjoying the change of pace for my projects.

Little Words Project: I’ve mentioned that I am a huge fan before, but lately I have been gravitating towards these bracelets again as reminders for self love and encouragements. They just had a huge sale this past weekend, so I may have stocked up a lot. That said, I still have been wearing some of my favorites, which are warrior, badass, and self love.

I did recently order a bunch, including: Cancer (my mom and I both are cancers), Manifest, Be Gentle, Just Relax, Namaste, Reset, Love Yourself, and Manifest. Each of those bracelets serve as a reminder for me to relax and it’s okay to reset your batteries sometimes. I highly recommend these bracelets to anyone who is going through something major.

What have you been loving this week?

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