What I Love Wednesday: March 11

Happy Humpday! This week, I actually don’t have a lot of favorites. I actually debated about not posting a What I Love Wednesday this week, but I wanted to make sure that I see the positive of every week. Listing the things that I love is showing me how to do so.

So here are my favorites:

  • New Music:

There are so many amazing new releases out that I can’t stop listening to. Lately, I’ve been loving the new releases from: Lady GaGa, Selena Gomez Harry Styles, Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato. I have had Stupid Love on repeat for a while. 2020 is going to be a great year for music. What is really exciting is that I will be getting to see JoJo in May. So, it’s going to be a great year.

  • Physical Music: 

I also have been collecting a lot of great physical music, such as vinyl, my iPod and cassette players. I recently found a cassette and a vinyl player, so I am so excited to build that collection. For cassettes, I actually have a ton of them from when I owned a car that had a cassette player, so I am excited to be able to listen to them again. What I am so excited about is that I am able to listen to Taylor Swift’s Lover on cassette too, thanks to Urban Outfitters.

I love the feel of actually owning music to be honest, and for me, it adds something to my day to listen to it. I’ve started to listen to music during my commute to work, and it puts me in a positive mood.

  • Urban Outfitters’ Snoopy Attire:

I have been scoring a ton of stuff from the Urban Outfitters clearance bin with Snoopy on it, including this Snoopy shirt. For those of you who don’t know, I am a huge Snoopy fan. For a while, I would get the cheaper Snoopy shirts from Kohl’s. However, what I love about Urban Outfitters is the quality of the shirts. The sweatshirt that I had was really thick and really comfortable, and has become a huge part of my weekend wardrobe. If you love Peanuts, I highly recommend that you check out their stuff — you can score some great deals on it.

2 thoughts on “What I Love Wednesday: March 11

    1. Kinda — I had a 2001 Honda Civic, and it didn’t have a cassette player. Since I didn’t want to get a radio, I just played some old cassettes from my mom/eBay. They were Madonna, which I’m a huge fan, so I kept them!


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