Blogmas Day 22: Why I Blog About Grief


For years, writing has been a form of therapy for me. Sure, I go see an actual therapist. But, there is nothing like writing for me – whether it’s when the pen meets paper or when I tap the fingers onto the keyboard.

This is why I’m constantly writing about grief – and the loss of my mom – on this blog.

By blogging about grief, it not only serves as a therapy for me, it also serves as a way to normalize it. Grief is something that everyone seems to experience. However, there is this big taboo about talking about grief. We can’t talk about it simply because it’s uncomfortable for others to hear for whatever reason.

With that being said, I want to change that. I want to try to normalize grief and make sure that it’s okay to talk about. Grief is something that should be socially be accepted. But, it’s not. It’s the same thing as mental health. It’s become an epidemic, yet it’s something that no one talks about.

And, for me, writing about grief is something that helps me. It helps me to write about my mom and the memories that we share. It helps me to talk about her, because as I mentioned earlier, it is a release. This blog is my personal safe space, and to write about her since she was such a crucial part of my life, helps me remember her.

So, that’s why I blog about grief regularly.

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