Blogmas Day 10: Shopping My Way Around CT — SV Decker


Finding a place that has quality and affordable jewelry is the hardest thing ever. I am the type of person who when I buy jewelry, I like to invest in pieces that will last. I’ve purchased a few of the cheaper costume pieces of jewelry, and they all either tarnished within a few uses, or broke.

Which was annoying.

I heard about SV Decker through my boyfriend who bought me a bracelet from them our first Christmas together. We visited it a few times, however, I didn’t start buying pieces for myself until this year.

I love SV Decker’s jewelry because it’s trendy and it’s handmade. Many of the pieces on her website promote good vibes — something that makes me feel awesome. After all, everyone needs a good luck charm. There are necklaces that focus on gratitude, some with the hamsa hands (which ward away from evil), saints, and gemstones.

But, what is awesome is that the owner is truly dedicated and passionate about the pieces that she creates. If there’s something that you want, you can just go to her and she can try to make it happen. For example, I wanted to get a rose quartz necklace that I saw on her website. When I went into the store, I didn’t see any of it. I asked her, and she was able to make me one right on the spot. And, she let me pick out a gemstone to go with it, which I thought was cool. Furthermore, she’s also responsive on her Instagram — which is something that is great, because it shows dedication to the brand.

And, of course, SV Decker has so many basic pieces, such as chain necklaces, hoop earrings, bangles and CZ rings. Those are classic pieces that everyone could use in their wardrobe.

However, don’t be fooled by the word trendy. Just because the jewelry is on trend doesn’t mean that the quality is lessened here. The chains on her necklaces are pretty thick, which means that they won’t break. I can also tell the quality when I’m wearing her gemstone bracelets as well. I wear a lot of gemstone beaded jewelry pieces. Some of the bracelets are light. However, these bracelets are heavier. That shows the quality of the stone, which is so awesome.

Now, let’s talk about the reason why I started buying pieces from here. SV Decker sells some of the best quality gemstones that I’ve ever seen — I have a few of her bracelets and a rose quartz necklace. I love gemstones, and the rose quartz necklace is a gift to myself to help enhance healing and self love. In store, she has quite a few beaded gemstone bracelets to choose from, which is awesome. 

SV Decker is located in at 22 Broad Street in Downtown Milford. If you’re not in the Connecticut area, be sure to check out her website.

*Note: This post was not sponsored in any way, nor was I compensated for this post.

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