Blogmas Day 8: The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given

One of the best things about the holidays is the memories that come with them. When you’re grieving someone, chances are the memories of the past few holidays is what makes them so painful.

Today, I am sharing a story about the best gift that I have ever given during the Christmas season. That gift was a watch to my mom that I gave her during her last Christmas. I had purchased it from Kohl’s with a ton of coupons, and it ended up being a really good deal.

Now, it was really important to me to get my mom something wonderful for Christmas last year. I had no idea that it would be the last Christmas that we would spend together, of course. However, I am so happy that I was able to get my mom this. As a single mom, she had Christmases where she didn’t really have a lot to open if anything at all. When I was younger, I didn’t realize it. When I first started to work, I began to try to make it up to her.

When I gave her this gift, I can tell that she truly loved it and the thought that was behind it. It was a watch that was two-toned, which is something that she loved because it went with everything that she wore. She had a few trials-toned watches, but never something that is just plain gold and silver.

Making my mom happy was definitely something that made it the best money that I ever spent. She did love this watch and even wore it quite a few times until she passed away. I even had it put on her during her wake. I did end up taking it off of her afterwards though.

Although I don’t really wear watches, this is something of my mom’s that I just can’t part with. It reminds me of that memory, and it reminds me of her, since she loved wearing watches. It also reminds me of our last Christmas together — a memory that I now treasure.

This watch reminds me of that feeling of wanting to do something for my mom. For me, part of the fun of the holidays is giving. My mom was always giving to others — whether it’s myself, her parents, and our dog at the time. One of the things that I have learned from my mother is to give to those you love. It doesn’t have to be material possessions, though. It can mean giving some of your time to spend with them. Or, giving some of your skillset to help someone out.

To me, that is what the holiday season is about.

What is the best gift that you have ever given? Let me know in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 8: The Best Gift I’ve Ever Given

  1. This blog post was so heartfelt and such a wonderful story. I relate so much to this because my mom became a single-mom during my teenage years. So, she sacrificed a lot for my siblings and I. This hit close to home and I just had to comment.


  2. I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom- things like this can be so bittersweet when someone is gone. The best gift I have ever gotten was an 18th century print of Dresden that my grandfather brought with him when he was a refugee from Germany. I always admired it as a kid and one Christmas he and my step-grandma gave it to me for Christmas.


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