Book of the Month: Things You Save In A Fire

So, I am a little behind on my Book of the Month reviews, but I decided to dive in with July’s pick, Things You Save in a Fire by Katherine Carter.

Before I begin to review the novel, I will first start off by saying that I had a hard time choosing this month’s book. However, being the rom-com book nerd that I am, I went with this choice.

And, I wasn’t sorry.

The novel is about Cassie Hanwell, an award-winning firefighter who is just one of the guys. At the opening of the novel, Cassie wins an award that was handed to her by none other than a senator who she’s had a run with in her past. The senator tries to grab Cassie’s butt, only for her to punch him.

The morning after, Cassie gets a phone call from her estranged mother, who asks if Cassie can come to Cape Cod to take care of her for a year. Between the scandal and this, Cassie is forced to relocate.

Cassie enters a firehouse that is completely different than the one that she left behind in Texas. In this firehouse, she is the first woman to be a firefighter. Needless to say, it’s a man’s world full of hazing and dirty jokes. Cassie begins to prove herself.

What Cassie expects is to prove herself and show that she is better than any one of the guys. But, what she didn’t expect is to fall in love with the Rookie that she starts with.

As I said before, I picked this book because it looked really good. I had never heard of Katherine Carter, nor did I know what to expect. But, after reading the novel, I began researching her other books.

Let me start off by saying this: I absolutely loved this book. This is the type of book that you can get lost in and read in one single sitting. The writing keeps you engaged, there’s romance, and there’s even some heartfelt moments of forgiveness.

Oh, interesting!

What I loved about the book is Cassie. She is a flat-out badass. The fact that she is an award winning firefighter that got fired for hitting a senator for grabbing her ass and refusing to apologize for it? I honestly have so much respect for her. Furthermore, what made me love her even more was that she stopped at no end to prove herself to her coworkers. Naturally, she succeeds, which is awesome.

Then, there’s her relationship with the Rookie. Cassie flat-out fell for him. And, this is a woman who has not dated anyone since one ill-fated night in high school. Their romance is the classic one — tried to stay away from each other, only to fall madly in love. They of course worried that they would get in trouble with their co-workers. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they were extremely supportive of the relationship.

Overall, this book is awesome. I am so glad that I picked it up, because I became an instant Katherine Carter fan and want to read all of her books (I may have ordered one while writing this if I’m being honest). Therefore, I highly recommend this book to anyone out there who is looking for a super awesome rom-com read that you can read during one single beach vacation.

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