Book of the Month Review: the Bride Test by Helen Hoang

This month’s Book of the Month pick was a book that I have been waiting to come out for a while. That book is called the Bride Test by Helen Hoang.


Khai Diep lacks the ability to have emotion — that is any emotion that is not annoyance. Due to this, there is one important one that he lacks the ability to process. That is grief. For years, Khai has become aloof and closed off to his family and friends thanks to that inability and his Autistic diagnosis.

Esme Tran is a hotel maid from Ho Chi Minh City. She works endlessly to support her mother, grandmother and daughter and dreams of the America where opportunity is prosperous. One day, Esme is given the chance to go to America by a mother who just wants her son to meet a nice girl like her.

That woman’s son? Khai.

Once in America, Esme and Khai begin to scratch the surface of emotion. But, with a deadline of two months looming before Esme is sent back to her home forever, the two feel the pressure of romance immediately. However, over time the two begin to fall for each other — all while shedding the skin of their troubled past.


As I said earlier, I was anxiously anticipating this book’s pub day for a while. I read the Kiss Quotient last December, and loved it. Like The Kiss Quotient, this book talks about the challenges of falling in love with someone who is Autistic. Both books do a great job with not only describing those challenges, but also work to break the stigma towards them.

What I loved about the book is how the relationship between Khai and Esme had blossomed over the course of the book. At first, Esme was attracted and Khai was awkward. Over time the relationship grew. Khai would show little ways to show her how much he loved her — whether that was picking her up when she sprained her ankle, helping her try to find her father, and tried to make sure that she had the best opportunity available. Seeing the relationship and that trust build was an amazing thing to see.

Furthermore, I also loved how over time, Hoang reveals more about the characters. At first, we don’t know why Khai freaks out when Stella tries to ride his motorcycle. Later on, it’s revealed. Furthermore, we also learn more about Stella’s past as well — such as how her daughter was conceived, etc.

Finally, what I really liked about the book was that it had Stella and Micheal, who were the characters from The Kiss Quotient. Spoiler alert: you got to se their wedding, which was awesome.

Overall, I loved this book. It was the perfect romantic comedy that wasn’t overly cheesy, but just packed the right amount of sweetness. The story moved quickly, and held my interest the entire time. So therefore, if you’re looking for a summer romance to heat up your beach chair, then The Bride Test is the book for you.

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