What Mother’s Day Is Like For Someone Who Just Lost Her Mom

It hits you when you’re walking down the card aisle at Hallmark. It hits you when you’re watching a TV show and an advertisement for Kohl’s comes on. Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to give Mom a gift she’ll love.

But, when your mom is gone, it’s safe to say she won’t be getting a Mother’s Day card.

This Mother’s Day will mark the first that I will not get to celebrate with my mom. It will be the first Mother’s Day where I won’t go to a local Italian restaurant with my mom and grandma, and my mom will give my grandma a carefully picked out outfit. It will be the first Mother’s Day where I won’t be buying my own mother a gift of her own. Instead, she’ll be getting a bouquet of supermarket flowers brought to her grave.

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t think about or miss my mother. For the past 23 years, it would be a day where I would honor her with something. When I was in elementary school, I would bring home handmade clay pots and flowers bought from the flower sale. As I got older, Mom receive an iPod shuffle, and earrings. And, we can not forget the social media posts that sang my mom’s praises every year.

Now, Mother’s Day is a reminder to what I’ve lost. I lost my mom, someone who was both Mom and Dad to me. I lost the person who I knew had my back, even though at the time I thought that she was just being unfair or annoying. Mother’s Day is also a reminder to what I had — a wonderful mother who gave me everything to ensure that I was okay. Finally, Mother’s Day is a lump in my throat to remind me how much I miss my mom.

So, Mother’s Day for someone who just lost her mom flat out sucks. But, for all of you out there who are fortunate enough to have their mom still, be sure to savor every minute and appreciate her. Because truthfully, there is no one like a mom, and once she is gone, she’s gone.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. Hope that you are having a good one up in heaven.

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