Good Vibes?

I am a huge believer in the Evil Eye, Hamsas and good fortune. I wear some version of the evil eye to ward off some evil or ill wishes that may be floating around. I believe in the concept of a lucky jade green necklace, thinking that is the reason why that good thing happened to me on that particular day.

Due to my beliefs in the evil eye, I believe there are some people out there that do not wish me luck — despite their constant assurance that they are happy for me. Therefore, I do not post certain things about my life on social media, such as whether or not I am in a relationship, or if I were to get a new job or car.

When I was in a relationship last summer, I discussed this with my therapist. She began to explore the concept of the Evil Eye with me, and even going onto say while there is a lot of bad vibes out there, it is up to me to counter them with good ones.

Lately, I’ve begun to think about all of the kinds of vibes that are floating around out there. As a millennial, it is my instinct to share – on social media, and by texting. Whenever something good happens, I want to post it on my Facebook. Not for the likes (although I do in fact admit that the feedback is something I gain from doing that), but because I want to say I did something I am proud of. For me. Let’s face it, I deserve to feel proud of myself.

For example, when I first started my job, I posted a status about it. When my mother found out, she said that there are people out there who, like I mentioned earlier, might want me to be successful – at least on the surface.

Underneath all of the likes, it’s safe to say that there are people who do not wish you well. There are people who are jealous of what you may have – jobs, a great boyfriend, or great friends. They may be friends who may not be having such a great time in their life, or people from high school who just want to talk about you.

With that being said, we have a few options — don’t post anything ever, get rid of the friends who don’t wish you well, or counter it with good vibes.

I think I’d go with the latter.

At the end of the day, there are people who are going to be jealous of you sometimes. That is only human nature. Just because there may be someone who wishes us a thumbs down, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t post it. It means that you have to instead put out all of the positive vibes possible.

And how do you do that?

You do that by being positive, by wishing your friends well (and meaning it), and by making peace with the fact that while today it is not your day, your friend deserves to be happy. Just like you.

So, post that status. Post that selfie with your boyfriend. And remember, while you have no control over whether or not someone wishes you will, you do have control over what you wish towards them.

And that is ten times better.

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