Lent Petition Update 1

A few weeks ago, I posted about my religious beliefs. After writing that post, I got to thinking about what I can do to give up to celebrate Lent. Should I give up something? Should I do something in terms of celebrating? 

I began to contemplate about what to give up — should I give up my runs to Dunkin every morning? Or, should I give up cookies?

Both of those options sounded like I was setting myself up for failure.

Then, it came to me.

Why don’t I try to give up buying books?

The thought occurred to me on the evening on Ash Wednesday, when I was finishing up a book and starting another. I noticed that there were over 10 books that I haven’t read in my library, but I was still buying more and more.

Therefore, to save money and to actually read those books, I decided to give up buying more books for Lent.

Two weeks in, and it’s safe to say that it’s working. I’ve completed the Bermudez Triangle  and am halfway completed with Queen of Shadows (Throne and Glass #4). Up next is Wuthering Heights, The 5th Wave, and Emma. However, I still have another month until Easter, so hopefully I won’t run out or cave. But, we’ll see.

To help me stick with it, I decided to update how my petition is going on my blog every so often. So, stay tuned for more next week as I try to abstain from buying books . . .


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