5 Tips For Successful Tinder Dating

As a self proclaimed Tinderella, I had met both my ex boyfriend, as well as a string of guys since breaking up through apps such as Tinder, OkCupid and Bumble. However, with online dating, there is also a slight bit of danger associated with it. But, if you take the right precautions, dating online can be a great way to meet people and can even lead to love. Thinking about getting an online dating profile? Here are some tips to ensure that you have the best experience on Tinder, and not on an episode of “Catfish.”

  1. Do your homework. Before meeting with the guy, check him out a little through social media. One way I do this is whenever we switch over to texting, I add him to my contacts. Once in my contacts, I can look up his Facebook profile through the app. By viewing his profile, I can ensure that everything that he says matches up, and make sure that he seems normal, as you really do not know the person behind the screen. Furthermore, if you have mutual friends and feel comfortable with telling them about this person, ask your friend about the potential suitor for extra protection, and if they are someone that you can date without being concerned. By doing this, it gives you extra assurance that the person that you are talking to is exactly who they say they are.
  2. Make sure it is in public. You got a date with the guy that you like? Yay! Make sure that you are meeting your date in a public setting, for safety reasons. These settings include a coffee shop, a diner or a fro yo place. Also, make sure that each party has their own methods of transportation, because if you are meeting someone that you do not know, you also do not know where they can be taking you. If you do not have a car, ask a friend if you can borrow theirs, or try finding a place on a bus route.
  3. Share your location. One of the coolest (and perhaps creepy, depending on how you look at it) things about the iPhone is not only you can meet dates with it, you can also use it for safety reasons. One way you can do this is through the “share my location” feature that iPhones have. To do this in iOS 10, go to a message with a friend who has an iPhone, and press the little ‘i.’ Once you do that, hit “share my location.” Now, your friend will be able to see exactly where you are. Be sure to let your friend know that you are doing this. One thing that I do is share it with a bunch of friends, so in case one forgets, I have a couple of others looking out. But, what if you do not have an iPhone? Just be sure to tell all of your friends about your date, and text them whenever you are about to enter and about to leave your date.

Sharing your location with a friend is a great way to ensure your date goes safely, because you have a friend looking out for you if you aren’t where you say you are.
4. Do not put that much pressure on the date. This applies to all dating, but it is especially be true when it comes to a Tinder date. You could have a great conversation with a person through text message, but when in person, it could be extremely awkward. And, that is okay. With dating, you often experience really good first dates, and really bad ones. The trick is to not put any pressure on the dates, and not go into the date thinking that they are going to be your next boyfriend, but rather someone to get to know better. That way, you can focus more on getting to know them, and not have to worry about disappointment if the date does not work out.

5. Listen to your gut. Finally, always listen to your guy whenever it comes to dating someone online, as I believe that your guy feeling can tell you much more than a guy’s biography ever could. If you have a good feeling about the guy, then go for him. If there is something that is just not right about that person, proceed with caution. Chances are, your gut instincts are never wrong, so be sure to follow it.

With these tips, Tinder dating can be a fun way to meet new potential dates. It is safe to say that if I did not get a Tinder profile, I would not have meet my ex boyfriend. I also have friends that have met their fiancees, and even husbands through the app. Therefore, I believe that if you are smart about, you too can potentially find someone that could be your next partner.

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