A Note For Those Looking For A Relationship..

To Those Looking For A Relationship,

Don’t. Stop looking. Now.

Okay, so before you all label me as a crazy single lady, please just hear me out. I do not mean stop looking and close up shop to buy cats. I mean stop looking as making it your constant obsession that you need to obtain. Stop looking for it as in stop treating dating as a hunting game, where you are treating the person that you wish to get like a piece of meat, only something to satisfy your desire for a plus one.

Instead, stop looking for a relationship. Stop focusing on why you do not have a bae, and stop complaining about it. Stop dwelling on what you don’t have, and instead, start on something new. After all, there is nothing worse than hearing someone complain about their lack of relationship, or having someone that you are dating by more desperately seeking you. Definitely not attractive.

Start focusing on you. Start doing things that make you happy, whether it may be to go to a ceramics class, or spending time hiking. Start spending time meeting people and getting to know them. By the more people you meet, the more chances you’ll get into being a relationship because you are meeting people that are probably sharing the same interests as you.

Basically, stop looking. It will come. It is just not your time yet to have someone special in your life. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “it comes when you least expect it?” It is true-whether you are taking about relationships or finding that ring that you thought you lost. You are awesome, and it will happen for you. So stop searching!



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