Coffee and Community is Served at Walnut Beach Coffee House

When thinking of the Walnut Beach section of Milford, one word that always comes to mind is community. Walnut Beach is home to several different small businesses, including: Walnut Beach Creamery, Nautilus, and of course, Walnut Beach Coffee House.

Located just a short walking distance from Walnut Beach, Walnut Beach Coffee House is a combination of a cozy coffee house mixed with a beachy theme. This combination is welcoming, as you open the doors to the cafe.

Their menu is extensive, with drinks, breakfast, lunch, and starters. Their breakfast menu consists of toasts (avocado and veggie just to name a few), egg sandwiches, and wraps. You can add onto your meal, such as an additional egg, avocado, and more. For lunch, you can choose between salad and sandwiches. Of course, we can not forget about the starters, which include a bruschetta plate, cheese plate, and Mediterranean plate.

Finally, they also have a huge variety of baked goods to choose from as well — from scones to monkey bread to cookies that will make your mouth water. While visiting, I couldn’t help but noticed that they also had some gluten free options to choose from as well, which I thought was amazing.

When it comes to coffee, they’ve got it covered as well and something for everyone if coffee is not your thing. They have lattes, espresso, teas, and coffee — both iced and hot.

What is a coffee shop without the community aspect? Well, Walnut Beach Coffee House has a ton of events that everyone is welcome to. These include the sip and paint, and the weekly game night. I mean, come on, what is better than sipping on something delicious while hanging out with your friends? Absolutely nothing.

I visited the coffee house this past weekend for the first time, and I was impressed. The staff was extremely welcoming, and the food was delicious. It was the perfect place to curl up with a book on a chilly rainy day post yoga, and I will be back again.

Friday Faves: April 21, 2023

TGIF everyone! This weekend is a busy one, as we get ready to celebrate my fiancé’s 30th birthday. Before we head into the weekend, I want to share some of this week’s favorites:

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag Large: I am a huge fan of the Lululemon regular sized belt bag, so over the Christmas season, I grabbed this. I just started using it this weekend, and I am obsessed. I love this size, because I can fit my ereader in it, which for an avid reader like myself, is amazing. I ordered this in a few more colors, including the gray and the white, so I can wear this all of the time.

Miranda Frye Cancer Zodiac Charm: I am obsessed with this pendant. I got it last week, and I love layering this with my other Miranda Frye pieces. This makes an amazing gift for anyone.

Miranda Frye Carina Chain: I love pairing this with the zodiac charm, and it makes a great layering piece as well. I definitely will be wearing this on repeat for the foreseeable future.

Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet: Lululemon has been slaying when it comes to their accessories and crossbody bags. I recently switched from my Louis Vuitton recto verso to this, and let me tell you that I am obsessed with this. It fits both my cards and my car keys perfectly. I love this because if I need to run a quick errand, I can just grab this, and be good to go. So easy, and it fits perfectly in all of my handbags. Definitely a win on Lululemon’s end.

Crosstic Crossword App: I’m addicted to this game. It’s a combo of both a crossword puzzle and Wordle. I’ve been playing every day, and enjoy every second of it.

Nautilus Opens In Milford

What better way to conclude a beach day than a trip to a nautical themed restaurant for dinner and drinks? I can’t think of one. Luckily, one of Milford’s newest restaurants on the scene, Nautilus, fills that void with ease. The restaurant began serving its complete menu a few weeks back, and plans to have their grand opening on Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

Nautilus is located in the Walnut Beach area of Milford, and is just a few feet away from the beach itself. It is a new restaurant in the Milford community, and its menu is filled with variety and deliciousness.

The menu has something for everyone. They have a ton of great appetizers, including fried pickles, chicken tenders, pretzels, and of course, fried shrimp. They have a great selection of wraps, salads, burgers, and more. What I like about Nautilus’ menu is that you can customize your food to be whatever you want it to be. For example, if you order a sandwich, you can choose between different kinds of bread (ciabatta, brioche, wrap, pretzel, or gluten free bun or wrap), as well as the sides (natural cut fries, onion rings, or sweet potato). They also offer entrees, such as steak, fish and chips, and Mac and cheese. Yum. And, of course, they have an amazing bar, ready to take your summer drink order.

One thing that I really wanted to highlight was their pizza. I was blown away by their New Haven style pizza. One bite into the pizza transported me back to Wooster Street in New Haven — a hard thing for pizza to accomplish since I grew up so close to Pepe’s and Sally’s. The sauce tasted so fresh and delicious, and the crust was well-done but not burnt. Their pizza menu is expansive as the rest of the menu. They offer New Haven style (tomato with parmigiana cheese), classic cheese, and even mashed potato. And, like the sandwiches, you can add toppings of your choosing. If you’re undecided on what to try when you visit, definitely go for the pizza.

Between it’s nautical decor and delicious menu, this little place has officially become my go-to after a day at the beach, and I am completely blown away with the quality of food and service this little restaurant offers. Welcome to the little city with a big heart, Nautilus.

Luzara Sweets Is Shelton’s Sweet Treat

Luzara Sweets may be brand new to the Connecticut baking scene, but I can tell that it definitely will hold its’ own. Located on Riverside Drive in Shelton, the bakery opened it’s doors in February 2023, and has a huge menu filled with delicious goodies.

According to an article in the Shelton Herald entitled Milford baker bringing sweet treats to downtown Shelton, the bakery is owned by Milford resident Sarah Luz Laffitte-DePalmer. The article says that she got her degree in Interior Design but made a job switch to baking during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, she occupies the downtown Shelton area, and her storefront is so adorable with it’s pink painted walls, and seating area — perfect for the days when you need to sit down for a peaceful cup of coffee.

The bakery’s menu is really extensive. They offer breakfast treats, such as sandwiches and coffee. But, the one thing that is a must-try is their cupcakes. Luzara offers the classic flavors, such as vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. However, they also offer some unique flavors, such as red velvet strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, and Samoa. And, their cupcakes are honestly some of the freshest and most delicious that I’ve had in a long time.

In addition to cupcakes, Luzara offers so many other treats, such as cake pops, cookies, cakes to order and more. They also did not forget your best friend, as they also offer dog treats as well.

Overall, Luzara Sweets is worth checking out — especially if you have a sweet tooth like myself. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and their Instagram here.

New Haven’s Mew Cafe Serves Up More Than Just Coffee

Coffee and cats are the perfect combination for many. Luckily, it is very easy to find both at New Haven’s Mew Haven is Connecticut’s first Cat Cafe, offering a welcoming oasis to hang out for both cats and humans. Located in Westville, Mew Haven serves more than just lattes. It serves as a safe haven for homeless cats, and aspires to connect them to their furever homes.

Mew Haven opened in 2018, and was Connecticut’s first cafe cafe. Most of the cats that are currently residing at Mew Haven are available to adopt. In fact, they recently tweeted that they had reached 752 adoptions, a number that will continue to go up. Mew Haven pairs with Halfway Home Rescue for all of their adoptions.

But, while they are waiting for their forever home, Mew Haven is a cat’s paradise. Their giant room is a cat’s dream with toys, boxes, and tons of things for cats to climb — or sleep, depending on the cat’s mood.

There are many different options to visiting Mew Haven. Hourly slots are available, and they host events, such as Cat Yoga, and Crocheting. You can view their complete offering here. I visited the Mew Haven Cat Cafe this past weekend for Yoga with Cats, and it was such as fun experience.

In addition to feline playtime, Mew Haven also offers its patrons the standard coffee house menu — tea, coffee, and more. They also have a few different types of specialities recommended by Mr. Kitty, including the Ginger Cat (spiced ginger honey tea and steamed milk); Pumpkin Cafe Au Lait (Mr. Kitty’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte with your choice of milk, pumpkin spice syrup, and topped with pumpkin spice); and of course, the standard coffee shop varieties. And, of course, we can not forget the adorable cat cookies and cupcakes on the menu. You can view their complete menu by going here.

I am going to be honest here — I am a dog person, and I found it so relaxing that I got to just do yoga with cats. The vibes of Mew Haven just brought me instant serotonin, which is something that was much needed. Therefore, I do recommend checking this out if you are looking for an instant mood booster.

Want to book right meow? I definitely recommend you definitely check them out next time you’re in the Elm City. It’s definitely worth the visit.

Friday Faves: April 14, 2023

TGIF everyone! It has been such a long week this week, so I’m really happy to finally reach the end of this week. This weekend is going to be a little on the busy side, but that’s okay. We have a ton of family stuff planned, as well as my fiancé’s mom’s birthday on Sunday. But, before we get into the weekend fun, let’s take a moment to share some of my favorites of the week, shall we?

Miranda Frye Mackenzie Necklace: I have had many snake chain pieces that have come and gone from my jewelry collection over the years. However, this one is my forever favorite. The reason why? It is adjustable, so I can make it fit the way that I want to. One of the problems that I have with snake chains is that if I want it to lay like a choker, than it would be too tight, and the next size up would be too long to layer with. This one? No problems whatsoever. I have layered this with another necklace from Miranda Frye, and I am obsessed.

Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman: If you liked Daisy Jones and the Six or the Unraveling of Cassidy Holmes, than you’ll love this one. This is about a journalist who interviews a celebrity that later becomes to be her breakout piece, and is told in the present day and ten years in the past. I am obsessed with this, and can not put it down.

Leslie Sansone Walking Videos/App: Of course, there is a fitness app for just about everything. Recently, I wanted to do some light cardio, so I went through my mother in law to be’s workout DVDs, and found one by Leslie Sansone. Let me tell you that I enjoyed myself so much that I downloaded a few to do on my iPad and recently downloaded the Walk App to access workouts for $6.99. I’ll still do Jazzercise, but this has been so much fun to explore them.

Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon: This is my current, ambitious read, coming in at over 900 pages on my Nook. I started it earlier this week, as I wanted to continue the Outlander series before too much time has passed since reading the first one. And, so far, I’m really enjoying the read. I won’t give too much away, but I am so happy I’m back in this series. A goal that I have for this year is to read the first four books in this series, and I can say that I am successfully reaching that goal.

The Train Diaries: What I’ve Learned While Riding On Metro North New Haven Line

As train to Grand Central Station whizzes by the platform, before coming to a complete halt, I quickly gather my things, check to make sure I have everything I need twice, and board with my heavy Lululemon shopper bag slung on one shoulder, my e-reader in hand, along with commuters, or those who are just simply spending a day in the Big Apple.

This has become routine for me over the last few months, ever since the thought of getting behind the wheel gave me a huge panic attack. Thankfully, I am lucky enough to say that my job allows me to commute to and from work using public transportation.

I will say this. Taking the train is definitely one of the most unique things that I’ve done as of late. Before this, the only time I would go on the train would be to go to New York City for the day. Needless to say, there is a huge difference between going on for a day in the City versus going to my nine to five.

It is also certainly not the most convenient, as I’ve had to say goodbye to doing lunchtime errands, not being able to leave until the train gets to my station a full half hour after it’s time to clock out, and getting lunch out. There are days of which I will be running late, and the panic will come that I could miss my train. Despite this, I will say that I’ve gotten more steps than since my college days, and have finally gotten around to reading Outlander.

Using the train has definitely gotten me to slow down. As I mentioned earlier, my evening train doesn’t come until a full half of an hour after my shift ends — that is, if the train comes on time. After the ten minute walk, that leaves me about twenty minutes to kill. This is the time where I either scroll on TikTok, or read. Whatever the case may be, it’s my time to pause and just breathe, which is nice after hectic days. This taught me patience, something that I feel like many of us need — myself included.

In addition, I also have found it pretty interesting in that the amount of people that I’ve encountered that I otherwise would have never had I not boarded the train car. For example, I once met a woman commuting to the city who works in a homeless shelter. We had an interesting conversation, something that never would have happened had I taken I-95. I feel like conversation is a rarity with everyone engrossed on their phones, myself included.

I’m not sure when I will be getting behind the wheel of my Subaru again, however, after all is said and done, I will say that taking the train has given me far more perspective than I ever could have imagine.

An Honest Review of the Baggu Medium Crescent Bag

TikTok is the reason why many things go viral and sell out almost instantly. The Birkenstock Boston clog. The Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag. Several books. And, most recently, the Baggu Medium Crescent bag.

The Baggu Medium Crescent Bag is one of the newest bags in my collection, the most used as of date, and one of the least expensive ones that I own. Currently, I have the black, neutral, red, and avocado, and they are all on rotation in my daily life.

There are many things that I love about this handbag. The first is how comfortable it is to wear. This bag is shaped like a crescent, a shape that is extremely popular in handbags. Furthermore, it can be worn as a shoulder bag or a crossbody. I prefer to use it as a crossbody, but it’s nice to know the option is there. When worn crossbody, you can simply and securely reach in, get what you need to get, and zipper it.

That being said, the other reason why this bag is so comfortable to wear is how lightweight it is since it is made out of nylon. This nylon is similarly to the Longchamp nylon — sturdy and lightweight. I do not baby this bag whatsoever and it still looks as good as the day that I first started to wear it.

Another thing that I really love about this bag is how deceivingly spacious it is. I can fit so much in this, including my agenda and Kindle, aka the everyday essentials. You can see what fits in the bag by checking out this post I did that goes into the details on what fits.

Finally, this bag is something that can be worn everyday if you choose, and truly is an everyday basic. As mentioned earlier, I have this bag in basic colors and a few fun ones, and they all manage to match everything in my wardrobe. This type of bag is my favorite, because it’s simply your go-to old reliable. It’s something that you know is going to work no matter what.

I have a few other styles of Baggu handbags, but I can tell you that this one so far is one of my favorites. Therefore, I can honestly say this: it is one hundred percent worth the hype.

Bagel Boutique Inspires Customers to ‘Spread the Love’

Bagels, sandwiches, and coffee equal the perfect Saturday morning breakfast. Those items are also the main events at Bagel Boutique in Stratford, which offers a boutique-like bagel experience.

Bagel Boutique is located just over the Milford border, right where the Danny’s used to be. With it’s simple and minimal decor such as lights and a neon sign that says spread the love, there is nothing but good vibes here something that their menu reflects. Food can be taken to-go, or eaten outside on their tables.

As mentioned earlier, Bagel Boutique has an extensive menu of bagels, sandwiches, and toast, which makes it the ultimate spot for the breakfast that hits the spot. The variety of bagels is quite extensive, with the classic flavors, such as plain, everything, and cinnamon raisin. However, it extends much further than that. They have some pretty unique and delicious flavors, such as marble rye, and blueberry. Furthermore, they also offer a huge variety of cream cheeses as well. For example, they offered Peeps cream cheese to celebrate Easter. Don’t worry if that’s not your jam. They do offer regular cream cheese as well. Their bagels are delicious. I had one of their everything bagels, and it was so fresh.

Additionally, Bagel Boutique has many different types of toast to choose from, whether you prefer sweet or savory. Some of the options include the classic avocado toast, hazelnut banana, “hotlanta” (grilled peach compote, whipped ricotta, crumbled candied pecans and fresh basil drizzled with hot honey), and the limited time hummus toast. In addition to toast, Bagel Boutique has a huge selection of sandwiches on the menu as well.

Of course, we can not forget coffee. They offer hot and iced, which you can get with dairy and non-dairy options. With the coffee, they also have flavor blasts to add a touch of flavor in your cup as well.

Overall, Bagel Boutique offers a unique breakfast experience that is just simply delicious. After all, there is no better joy in life than biting into a bagel on a lazy Saturday morning, and Bagel Boutique allows you that. However, get there early to avoid your favorite flavor selling out.

Friday Faves: April 7, 2023

TGIF! Since it is Good Friday, I am lucky enough to have today off. This weekend is going to be really busy, between Easter and other social engagements. That said, before we hop into the weekend, I wanted to share this week’s Friday Faves:

Stanley Cup: I’ve seen TikToks on these for the longest time, however, I did hold out until my Hydroflask was looking a little bit on the dingy side. Of course, now I get the hype. I will say that I am impressed with this water bottle, because it keeps ice for well over 12 hours, which I think is amazing. For that fact alone, I love this water bottle.

Rare Beauty Lip Stain: Selena Gomez did something right when it came to these lip glosses. I got two of them, and I’m in love with both of them. They are some of the best lip glosses I’ve had to date. They do not come off, and they moisturize the lips. I’ve been reaching for these over the other lip glosses I have in my collection, and recommend them highly.

Music: I’ve been listening to some great music as of late. Lately, I’ve had Suki Waterhouse, Cigarettes After Sex, and Joss Stone on repeat. Suki Waterhouse actually plays Karen in the show, Daisy Jones and the Six, and her music is amazing.

Lululemon Side Cinch Shoulder Tote Bag: I got this bag to carry everything I need for work, and commuting on the train. And, this bag is amazing. Prior to this bag, I used the Longchamp Le Pliage. What I like about this bag is that it’s huge, and it has compartments. I can fit my iPad, headphones, my Baggu medium crescent bag, my water bottle, and more in one bag. The only drawback to this bag is that there is no zipper, but I do find that it’s secure with the magnetic closure.

Baggu Mini Shoulder Bag: I took this out for errands a few days ago, and I’m obsessed with it. It fits a ton, and is so comfortable to wear. I have become such a huge fan of Baggu bags, and I definitely want to add a few more to my collection.