We Need to Do Better for Women: Why President Trump’s Speech Was Offensive

Yesterday, Donald Trump addressed a rally Tuesday night in Mississippi. At this rally, he took the time to mock Christine Blasey Ford in a way that was beyond offensive to women everywhere. Before I continue, I want everyone reading to know that this post isn’t political. This post is simply written to express my feelingsContinue reading “We Need to Do Better for Women: Why President Trump’s Speech Was Offensive”

Two Different Worlds?

Recently, I’ve accompanied my mom on a trip to our local nursery where she had been going for several years. She started talking to the owner, with whom she has grown to be friendly with (which comes with the territory when you’ve been going to the same place for several years now). The two discussedContinue reading “Two Different Worlds?”

. . . Are You Asking For It?

Have you ever heard of the phrase “well she asked for it”? You know, when someone was talking about a guy grabbing or hitting on a woman that is clearly not interested in them. Then, when she turns around and complains, someone says “oh well, she was dressed a certain way. She clearly was askingContinue reading “. . . Are You Asking For It?”