6 Things that I Got For My Wedding That I Absolutely Love

My wedding day is less than two months away (gasp, ensue panic and excitement), and I’ve been purchasing quite a few things for my special day. For those of you who are not new here, my fiance and I are doing a small ceremony by the water, followed by a larger reception after. That said, I wanted to share some of the things that I got for my wedding, because we do not gate keep around here.

1. Bouquet Memorial Charm: One of the hardest things about this time off my life is that my mother is not going to be here to see it. When I first got engaged, my mother in law to be suggested getting this charm. I finally got around to ordering it, and I’m so glad that I waited because I wanted to find the perfect picture to use. The one I ended up going with was a picture of my mother and my grandfather, who was more like a father figure for me. The charm will go in my bouquet, which makes me feel like both of them are walking me down the aisle.

2. Memorial Ribbon: The second mom memorial I purchased was this little sash. We’re going to do a memorial table at our reception, but I wanted something that separated my mother from the grandparents, so I got this sash to drape on her photo. I unfortunately can’t link this one, as it is no longer available and could not find one similar.

3. Dog of Honor Bandanna: One of the reasons why we’re choosing to do our wedding this way is so that Lucy can be a part of it. Needless to say, Lucy needed something special to wear, hence the dog of honor bandanna.

4. Barrette: I do not plan to wear a veil, but I wanted to have a special barrette to wear, so I got this to put in my hair from Amazon.

5. Sign: I made this at Words on Wood in Wallingford, but I feel like you can get these from almost anywhere. I love this sign because it has all of our important dates. Here is a similar version here.

6. Polaroid Camera: Instead of doing a traditional guestbook, I wanted to put my own flair to it. I want to have a table with Instax Minis so people can take their photos and then have fun with it. I already had one from college, but I wanted to grab a second one to add to the fun.

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