April 2023 Favorites

Guys, I can not believe that I am sitting here sharing my April favorites. This month feels like it has flown right by, and I am approaching less than two months before I say ‘I do,’ which is super exciting.

There are a lot of favorites this month that I have to share with you. Some of them are tangible items, while others are just content that I’ve been consuming. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to get into them with you:

1. Leslie Sandstone Walking App/Videos: I have been getting into walking and making sure that I hit 10,000 steps every single day. One of the ways that I do this is by watching Leslie Sandstone videos, or by using her app. On average, I get about 2,000 to 3,000 steps depending on what video I do. She also incorporates the entire body, which is something that I really enjoy.

2. Music: I’ve been listening to so much music lately. Some of the artists that I’ve had on repeat include: Suki Waterhouse, Collective Soul, Lana Del Rey, JoJo, and the Cab. There is something that is so amazing about listening to a song. Music truly changes your mood, and I’m really enjoying the time that I get to listen to my favorite songs.

3. Miranda Frye MF Cuff: This bracelet has become one of my go-tos for stacking and just wearing in general. I love this because it’s a great Cartier Love Bracelet dupe, and has amazing quality. I did get the gold one as well, but I’m really reaching for the silver one regularly.

4. Lululemon Dual Pouch Wristlet: For this to cause me to switch out of my beloved Louis Vuitton wallet, this little guy has to be good. I got this in a few colors, and I just love this wallet, because you can grab and go, or you can stick this in your bag if needed. As we all know, I am not gentle on my wallets, so I can honestly say that the quality of this is amazing.

5. Lululemon Side Cinch Tote: This bag has become my go-to work tote. I love it because there are pockets, so it doesn’t feel like everything goes into a giant black hole. I have three of them and I use them on the regular. I use one for work, one for yoga, and one for a change of clothes if I have a yoga class. At a price point of $58, this is an amazing alternative to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, or dare I say it, the Longchamp Le Pliage bag.

6. Madewell Zip-Top Transport Crossbody bag: Madewell has become my go-to lately when it comes to purses. I love the leather bags, and this one is my favorite goldilocks bag — not too big, not too small. This fits everything I need on the regular, and I love it. You can see what I put in this bag by going to this post here.

7. Baggu Crescent Bag: My other favorite bag has been the Baggu Crescent bag, once again. I’ve been using this bag in rotation with the Madewell one, and I really love how comfortable this bag is. I also love how secure this bag, because it fits so close to the body, and it fits everything but the kitchen sink.

8. Miranda Frye Cancer Charm and Carina Chain: I love love love this combo! This necklace has been one of my go-tos lately, and it’s great for layering with other pieces or by itself.

9. Jellycat Stuffed Animals: I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of hunting and collecting Jellycat stuffed animals. My collection is getting massive, so I won’t list all of them, but I love them all.

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