New Haven’s Mew Cafe Serves Up More Than Just Coffee

Coffee and cats are the perfect combination for many. Luckily, it is very easy to find both at New Haven’s Mew Haven is Connecticut’s first Cat Cafe, offering a welcoming oasis to hang out for both cats and humans. Located in Westville, Mew Haven serves more than just lattes. It serves as a safe haven for homeless cats, and aspires to connect them to their furever homes.

Mew Haven opened in 2018, and was Connecticut’s first cafe cafe. Most of the cats that are currently residing at Mew Haven are available to adopt. In fact, they recently tweeted that they had reached 752 adoptions, a number that will continue to go up. Mew Haven pairs with Halfway Home Rescue for all of their adoptions.

But, while they are waiting for their forever home, Mew Haven is a cat’s paradise. Their giant room is a cat’s dream with toys, boxes, and tons of things for cats to climb — or sleep, depending on the cat’s mood.

There are many different options to visiting Mew Haven. Hourly slots are available, and they host events, such as Cat Yoga, and Crocheting. You can view their complete offering here. I visited the Mew Haven Cat Cafe this past weekend for Yoga with Cats, and it was such as fun experience.

In addition to feline playtime, Mew Haven also offers its patrons the standard coffee house menu — tea, coffee, and more. They also have a few different types of specialities recommended by Mr. Kitty, including the Ginger Cat (spiced ginger honey tea and steamed milk); Pumpkin Cafe Au Lait (Mr. Kitty’s Pumpkin Spiced Latte with your choice of milk, pumpkin spice syrup, and topped with pumpkin spice); and of course, the standard coffee shop varieties. And, of course, we can not forget the adorable cat cookies and cupcakes on the menu. You can view their complete menu by going here.

I am going to be honest here — I am a dog person, and I found it so relaxing that I got to just do yoga with cats. The vibes of Mew Haven just brought me instant serotonin, which is something that was much needed. Therefore, I do recommend checking this out if you are looking for an instant mood booster.

Want to book right meow? I definitely recommend you definitely check them out next time you’re in the Elm City. It’s definitely worth the visit.

2 thoughts on “New Haven’s Mew Cafe Serves Up More Than Just Coffee

  1. This looks like such a great little cat cafe! I have always wanted to visit one but I fear I’d leave wanting to adopt all the cats, and my dog would NOT enjoy that lol.


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