The Train Diaries: What I’ve Learned While Riding On Metro North New Haven Line

As train to Grand Central Station whizzes by the platform, before coming to a complete halt, I quickly gather my things, check to make sure I have everything I need twice, and board with my heavy Lululemon shopper bag slung on one shoulder, my e-reader in hand, along with commuters, or those who are just simply spending a day in the Big Apple.

This has become routine for me over the last few months, ever since the thought of getting behind the wheel gave me a huge panic attack. Thankfully, I am lucky enough to say that my job allows me to commute to and from work using public transportation.

I will say this. Taking the train is definitely one of the most unique things that I’ve done as of late. Before this, the only time I would go on the train would be to go to New York City for the day. Needless to say, there is a huge difference between going on for a day in the City versus going to my nine to five.

It is also certainly not the most convenient, as I’ve had to say goodbye to doing lunchtime errands, not being able to leave until the train gets to my station a full half hour after it’s time to clock out, and getting lunch out. There are days of which I will be running late, and the panic will come that I could miss my train. Despite this, I will say that I’ve gotten more steps than since my college days, and have finally gotten around to reading Outlander.

Using the train has definitely gotten me to slow down. As I mentioned earlier, my evening train doesn’t come until a full half of an hour after my shift ends — that is, if the train comes on time. After the ten minute walk, that leaves me about twenty minutes to kill. This is the time where I either scroll on TikTok, or read. Whatever the case may be, it’s my time to pause and just breathe, which is nice after hectic days. This taught me patience, something that I feel like many of us need — myself included.

In addition, I also have found it pretty interesting in that the amount of people that I’ve encountered that I otherwise would have never had I not boarded the train car. For example, I once met a woman commuting to the city who works in a homeless shelter. We had an interesting conversation, something that never would have happened had I taken I-95. I feel like conversation is a rarity with everyone engrossed on their phones, myself included.

I’m not sure when I will be getting behind the wheel of my Subaru again, however, after all is said and done, I will say that taking the train has given me far more perspective than I ever could have imagine.

One thought on “The Train Diaries: What I’ve Learned While Riding On Metro North New Haven Line

  1. I didnt mind the commute when I worked. It was fascinating to people watch on the train. I now look forward to the train ride when I need to get into town on those rare occasions.


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