February 2023 Faves

I still can not believe that tomorrow is going to be officially March and we are almost at the end of the winter season. As a fan of warm weather, I am so excited for that. But, before we say goodbye to February, I want to share with you some of my favorites of the month:

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Large Totebag: I have been a Longchamp girl forever. I recently started using the large Le Pliage bag as my work bag, and I am obsessed with it. I love that these guys are workhorses, because I can be a little rough on these bags. I also can fit everything but the kitchen sink in these bags, which makes them so wonderful for work. Next on my wishlist is none other than the Navy one, which is something that I still have yet to add to my collection.

2. Longchamp Le Pliage Pouch with Handle: In addition to my Longchamp bag, I have been loving one of the latest additions to my Longchamp collection, which is the Le Pliage Pouch with Handle. This is basically my wallet, but I’ve been known to wear this as a handbag as well. I am going to be honest, this is the perfect grab and go type of bag. It fits just enough when you need to take the essentials on a quick errand or for slipping in a large tote.

3. Jazzercise On Demand: At the beginning of the month, I was finally cleared by my doctor to begin working out again after a month of not working out from a health scare. I started doing Jazzercise to ease myself back in to start doing HIIT and running again. But, I fell in love once again with the workout, so here we are. I love the app, because you get an unlimited amount of classes and they are just so fun. I do a variety of strength, and there are a ton of different length classes to choose from. And, it is so fun.

4. Budha Girl Bangles: Budha Girl has quickly become my new favorite brand of jewelry. It’s mindful, and they are bangles that are silent. As someone who can not wear dangly bracelets to the office, this is a dream come true. I have a variety of the colors, and I can see myself wearing these more and more into the spring. My personal favorite is the silver all weather bangles.

5. Touchland Hand Sanitizer: I am obsessed with this hand sanitizer. I have the lavender one, and it has quickly become my go-to. I love this, because it’s dry. There is virtual no residue when you use this, which I really love about it. I also love that it fits into pretty much any bag as well. I know it’s weird to take about the size, but the size is pretty much amazing.

6. Booktube: I have been binge watching YouTube, mainly the booktube ones. Booktube is basically YouTube about books. Watching Booktube has been something that has been helpful for me to not only get excited about reading, but also introduced me to some great books on my TBR. I have been doing a lot more reading than usual so it’s nice to get more inspiration to do more reading. Some of my favorites are Haley Pham and Sara Carolli.

What are your favorites in February?

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