12 Date Night Ideas For The Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of year! And, if you’re looking for some unique date night ideas, this time of year has so many things that you can do together to create memories with your special someone. That being said, what is great about the holiday season is to have a special date night doesn’t always mean a fancy night on the town. There are so many simple, low-cost options as well that couples can do together. Here are some great date night ideas to make this holiday season memorable for both of you as a couple:

1. Holiday Shopping: Anyone else still not done with their holiday shopping yet? Well, by doing some shopping together, that not only gets the shopping done, but also allows you to spend some quality time! Two birds in one stone.

2. Going to Christmas Lights Displays: Whether you’re driving around to see homes brightly lit up with festive lights or driving to one of the many light displays around the state of CT (or elsewhere), there are so many different light displays for people to drive through. So, grab a hot cocoa and just sit back and enjoy the lights!

3. Going to Christmas Markets: I have yet to go to one of these, but there are so many different Christmas markets with unique vendors and decorations. This is the perfect thing to explore together.

4. A Date Night In Watching Christmas Movies: From A Christmas Story to Love Actually, there are so many holiday movies out there to cuddle up and watch. So, bake some cookies, and set the mood with a cozy fire to make a relaxing date night in.

5. Decorate a Gingerbread House: Break out your creativity with creating a gingerbread house. Simple, but super fun!

6. Bake Cookies: Holiday baking is a source of stress for many. Why not do it together?

7. Wrap Gifts: Another task that you can do together to not only be productive, but also get some quality time! Set the mood with some Christmas cookies and Christmas music playing in the background.

8. Decorating the House: There is nothing more special than decorating together, especially if it’s your first home together.

9. Go Ice Skating: Whether you’ve taken lessons your entire life, or never even touched the ice, ice skating is definitely a fun way to be a little more active together during the winter season.

10. Plan a Holiday Photo Shoot: Christmas card photo shoots are so, so fun! Every other year, we try to get creative with our Christmas cards, especially with our dog. What I also love about Christmas photos is that they are so much fun to look back on in the years to come.

11. Go to a Christmas Tree Farm: Of course, this is a great place to go when you’re looking to cut down a tree. However, it’s always fun to walk around in a farm, and it’s a great place to get some photos together as well.

12. Go to New York City for the day: If you’re near the New York City area, I highly recommend visiting NYC for the day because there is just so much to see. The Rockettes. The decorations all around the city. The broadway plays. And, so much more. It seems like New York City is always decorated for Christmas, and it’s definitely worth seeing once in a lifetime.

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